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Are you looking for the best vehicle GPS tracking device?

Running a business is a big task in this economic world.  One has to deal with several challenges in order to improve profitability and growth of the business. The most important factor that affects the productivity is the smooth functioning of the fleet.

An easy and smart way of managing the fleet is by attaching a vehicle GP..

24 Jan 2018

Use Letstrack to Keep a Track on Your Child

Do you feel insecure when it comes to your child’s safety?! For parents, safety of child is the top most responsibility, hence, we make it simpler for you with Letstrack’s GPS tracking device for children to ensure that they are safe so..

16 Oct 2017

Your child’s safety is our Responsibility

Thought of leaving them alone scares you? Not knowing what could possibly happen?! Letstrack Personal I Tracking Device, this GPS tracker for kids have been created for the safety purpose of your kid. The device enables real time location of your child; track them..

14 Oct 2017

Feel Secured with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device

Every day we hear several car/bike theft stories, but we never think we could be a victim the very next day?! Do you feel nervous abandoning your bike at any place? Letstrack GPS tracker for bike is a safety device for two-wheelers which is not limited to ..

03 Oct 2017

Buy Tracking Device to Ensure Your Safety!

It is common that you worry about your loved ones and want them safe all the time. Situation like that can be difficult to cope up with but you still figure out a way to keep them safe. Letstrack is a device which prioritizes itself for safety purposes and making it easy for you to track them without your countless efforts.


15 Sep 2017


In today’s world, the safety of our loved ones is unfortunately not always guaranteed. In India, the rate of crimes has been rising steadily over the years. There have been innumerable instances when innocent people have been targets of heinous crimes. The Nirbhaya case can be cited as an example. Ladies, elderly people, and children are often soft targets for crimes. Therefore, to ensure..

31 Aug 2017


Nowadays, the news is full of vehicle robbery cases, especially in Indian cities. There are criminals who run rackets by buying and selling stolen vehicles. These robberies end up in generating great losses for individuals and corporates alike. Statistically, it is seen that most vehicles are stolen from the home of the owner. It is always a smart idea to park the t..

22 Aug 2017

Advantages of Using a Bike GPS Tracker

So, you have invested your money and dreams in buying a bike of your choice. Perhaps this is the first vehicle which you, as a college student, have ever owned. Or maybe it was a birthday gift that you bought for your son. Needless to say, it would be disastrous if such a vehicle were to be stolen. Though the more sophisticated var..

19 Aug 2017

Secure Your Vehicle with GPS Tracker

So, you have a shiny new vehicle – a car or a bike, that you are proud of. You have invested a lot of money and dreams in it, perhaps even taken a car loan. Your family is very happy, and your friends and colleagues are congratulating you. If it is your first car, then it is a dream come true. You imagine what a joy and pleasure it will be to take your family on..

11 Aug 2017

3 Reasons You Should Get A GPS Car Tracking Device Today

In the world of GPS-based car tracking units, you could find yourself faced with a number of different reasons for opting to use a tracking device car. Are you suspicious that your spouse is cheating on you? Have a teenage driver in the house and want to make sure he/she is driving safely on the streets? Intend to increase the overall efficiency and performance of you..

03 Aug 2017

4 Things to be done to Prevent Your Golf Clubs from Being Stolen

Have you been playing golf for a while now? Then there is a high possibility that either you have been through the unpleasant experience of having some of your expensive golf clubs being stolen or know someone who has experienced the same. There is no reason why you cannot protect your valuable golf clubs from devious thieves. Here are some of the things that you can ..

28 Jul 2017

How A GPS Vehicle Tracking System Can Help Prevent Misuse of Your Movable Assets

A GPS tracking device is a simple solution that you can use to prevent any kind of misuse on your car or vehicle. Prices of every single commodity around us are on the rise by the day but our personal income does not seem to show much of an inclination towards rising. Society finds itself in an extremely cri..

18 Jul 2017

Secure Your Vehicles With Letstrack Plug & Play for Automobiles

We in our daily life use technology, depend on technology and our needs and demands for technology keep on rising. We use technology to travel, to communicate, to learn, to do business and to live in comfort. One of the biggest challenges people face is to determine the kind of future we need to have and then create relevant technologies which..

11 Jul 2017

Letstrack Tracking Device Providing Solutions for Emergency Situations

In today’s world, everyone is aware of the benefits of modernized technology. GPS or Global Positioning System is one such invention which has revolutionized today’s technology by becoming more interactive and useful in multiple industries and is used in nearly every aspect of life in today’s world. Since the GPS devices have been introduced to the w..

06 Jul 2017

Letstrack car track device Help You Choose the Right System for Your Business and Loved Ones

GPS stands for global positioning system, which with the time, this system is now being used for many other purposes and the GPS system has proved to be a revolutionary technology in today's world. There are several advantages of GPS at present. GPS is extremely easy to navigate as it helps you to get the exact and easy direction for each turns you take or you hav..

01 Jul 2017

Letstrack Personal Tracking Device - Never Lose Track of Your Vehicle Again

The Global Positioning Systems or as we know GPS have been around in some form or another since many years. Through modernization efforts this technology has emerged as the forerunner of day-to-day navigation. These systems have revolutionized today’s technology by becoming more interactive and useful in multiple industries.

The presence of these devic..

16 Jun 2017

Asset Tracking Device - A Blessing in Disguise

We can only cover a small distance with our eyes, but a four-wheeler or Two-wheeler tracking device allows us to monitor a way more larger distance making the chances never ending.

One constant botheration for many parents are getting worried about their teenager kids after they get hold of their driving license. E..

10 Jun 2017

Gift Yourself Complete Peace of Mind When You Buy the Letstrack Car Tracking Device

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most innovative technologies that have been introduced in recent years. GPS tracking is one the main applications of this technology with consumers now heavily reliant on its assistance not only for moving around in a strange city but also for advanced level tracking of their precious possessions.

It is of little regard whether the needs of the c..

07 Jun 2017

Give Yourself a Helping Hand in Crisis Situations with the Letstrack Personal Tracking Device

Thanks to the new concept of Internet of Things (IOT), there has been a major change in the way we live our lives. One crucial application of this technology is in the field of GPS tracking that often proves to be the difference in crisis management situations. With the introduction of satellite technology in a personal tracking device, these can now be put to use in high risk scenarios or ever..

05 Jun 2017

Ensure Safety For Your Loved Ones On Their Travel With Letstrack Prima Car Tracking Device

Internet of Things or IoT is the latest technology brainwave creating storms in the global tech market. From controlling your home refrigerator while at office to getting informed as the air pressure in your car tire starts to run low, this new technology is severely in demand today. Our love for the remote control has taken things to new heights that previously seemed to be bound to the realms..

17 May 2017

Safety Devices for Kids & Loved Ones

Kids are going to fall, crash, tumble and crumble. It is all part of being a kid and we too want our kids to slip and then get up to find their own way. There are many ways by which we can protect our children from serious injuries that could lead to disabilities and even deaths.

Children are the perfect combo of naughtiness an..

10 Mar 2017

GPS Tracking Devices for Kids and Loved Ones

Caring about our kids and loved ones become challenging for us with our highly busy and demanding schedules. Knowing where they are all the time can be intimidating for them but they can't be protected without knowing the location.

The use of GPS tracking device makes it easy to track and keep our near & dear ones safe. Per..

02 Mar 2017

Letstrack – Loved Ones Tracking Solutions for Safety

Love watching stars at night? Or feeling mountain breeze? But afraid due to the insecurities lying ahead? Be it mountains, long roads, open grounds whatever they are. Never be afraid of being what you always are.

Being a traveler is a part of us which overpowers us with curiosity. But being in a strange land is not what our gut fee..

25 Jan 2017

Power of GPS Tracking Devices of Letstrack

GPS tracking devices are the best way to protect and track individuals’ locations. Be it our loved ones, colleagues or employees. The installation of GPS trackers becomes an investment for us the more we invest today the more we are going to get in future.

Tracking devices

19 Jan 2017

Safety For One! Safety For All!

Safety is the first word that comes to our mind these days whenever we think about our loved ones. We want to keep them safe in all the walks of life.

There are many ways to track our loved ones but one of the most common uses is via GPS tracking devices and the GPS tracking app of Letstrack. Letstrack offers several tracking devic..

14 Jan 2017

Save and Earn with Letstrack Safety Devices & App

Safety being the highest priority is the major concern in today’s scenario. With the idea of safety, Letstrack lets you earn as well as save money. There are several value-added features that allow you to save & earn money.

People who own a travel company, cab or bus or any other service can be at a huge advantage by the ..

28 Dec 2016

Be Safe and Secure with Letstrack GPS Tracking System

One of the major questions these days is of safety! Being safe and secure is our biggest priority. This can be assisted with the help of Letstrack GPS tracking system. GPS trackers supplied by Letstrack are not limited to safety only, they go way beyond it. From providing the required safety to maintaining th..

02 Dec 2016

We Believe the Best Free Real Time GPS Tracking App for Android/iOS – Letstrack

Gone are the days when GPS was only used being to track the routes for journeys. Now the time has arrived when GPS could be used in numerous other ways. One of the best applications used for tracking our loved ones is Letstrack!

Letstrack, we believe is the best free real-time GPS tracking app for Android/iOS offers the most afflue..

17 Nov 2016

Use of GPS for Children and Women!

A major concern that comes to our minds, whenever we think about our family members is of safety, especially when it comes to the children and vulnerable of our family.

These days, safety is a major concern for our loved ones. Everyone wants to achieve goals in their life, as do the children, women and vulnerable within our family...

17 Nov 2016

Real Time GPS trackers for Kids and Loved One's

Now the time has arrived when GPS can be utilized in numerous ways as well to track the route of our passages. One of the affluent features of real-time GPS trackers is its use for the kids and loved ones. The ideal GPS tracker for active family members is Letstrack. It keeps the track of your loved ones and tracks their location in the shortest span of time.


16 Nov 2016

Letstrack - Best GPS Tracking Device & Messaging App

Letstrack! We Believe is the best GPS Tracking device available today! Being the best available device, it offers a messaging application as well for the tracking purposes. 

Letstrack classifies itself into two such categories which are tracking and chatting. Tracking can be done in either of two ways, one is through device to..

16 Nov 2016

Reduce The Risk Of Your Bike Being Stolen With Letstrack Tracking Device & App

Now you can track your bike with an efficient and effective GPS tracking system. Locate your assets instantly with the Letstrack tracking device & app which has always proved to be best as we believe to protect your bike from being stolen.

Now, Letstrack offers two different categories of tracking your bike and these two catego..

10 Nov 2016