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7 Best Ways to bike theft protection | Secure Your Bike


In today’s time, the number of bikes have tremendously increased. And with that the cases of bikes getting stolen have increased as well. No matter how best you try to keep an eye on your bikes, but still, at the back of your mind, this concern haunts you. 


You can protect your bike with a high-quality bike lock, multiple locks, or via a GPS tracking device and make your bike an anti-theft bike. Bikes are not an easy buy so they should be taken care of pretty well. 

The purpose of this blog is to make you understand that never consider the safety of your vehicle a secondary thing and actions that can be taken to lower the chances of bike theft.

what all ways can be used to lower the chances of bike theft.

What are the ways to protect bikes from thefts?

Protecting your bike should not be considered as a burden. Instead, it should be taken as another responsibility if you own a bike or are planning to buy one. One should have some knowledge that can help you to save your bike from thefts.

Reasons to use bike theft protection

Sometimes it happens that we just do not get what actually small changes can bring in your life. Like, using bike theft protection can actually keep you away from some very unwanted situations. You can literally prevent the following situations from happening in your life;

Financial loss: 

The very obvious reason would be the loss of money if your bike gets stolen one day. It will become a very huge loss if the bike you bought was really very expensive. There are very few or no chances that you’ll get your bike back once it’s gone. 


Your daily routine will get hampered if your bike is stolen. You’ll have to experience major inconvenience if it was your primary mode of transportation.

Emotionally damaging:

We, humans, get very emotional when it comes to our personal stuff. We get attached to people and things very easily. Just think how bad the feeling would be of losing your bike with which you had so many emotions involved. 

So protecting your bike is important to ensure that you have a reliable mode of transportation, reducing financial and emotional damage. 

7 ways to use bike theft protection

We accept it or not, bike thefts have been a major problem. You never know which day of your life will turn into your worst day when you’ll look for your bike but your bike will be gone. So to not let this happen just use one of these 7 ways. 

  1.  Use a high-quality lock:

One of the traditional ways is to buy a lock for your bikes such as a U-Lock or chain lock and then tie it to a fixed object. These chains are super reliable and cannot be broken or cut easily. Apart from this, you can opt for multiple locks as well for different parts of the bike. The only drawback is that they are not very convenient and cannot be taken everywhere with you. 

  1. Using a GPS Tracker:

I, personally, find this option better than others. The only reason is that it's super convenient. GPS trackers have become very popular for good reasons. You can attach a GPS tracking device to your bike, car, or any other vehicle and you’ll then just have to sit and track your car. There are many GPS devices that come with a mobile-based application. For example, Letstrack’s GPS security device is synced to LT mobile application so that you can track your vehicle easily. You just have to open your app and check if your bike is safe or not. It’ll give you alerts in case of any movements. 

  1. Lock at a safe place: 

If you are going with the locks, it’s always a good option to look for a place that is well-equipped with cameras and lights, so that your bike is safe. There are all in all lesser chances of a thief coming into a well-lit area and stealing your bike. And even if something happens, you can easily take the necessary actions with the help of footage. 

  1. Secure your wheels: 

There are many skewers and locking nuts available in the market that can help you in securing the wheels of your bike. With the help of this, you can at least save your wheels from getting robbed. 

  1. Be vigilant: 

The next thing seems like a big task but all you can do is just keep an eye on your bike. You have to be very focused wherever you have parked your bike and also keep a check of your surroundings and make sure that you have locked your bike properly. This is a very common habitual way but practically, it is not possible. You cannot keep a check on your bike all the time, this is why GPS tracking devices are made for this. It’s better to use them instead. 

  1. Register your bike:

Always register your bike with the local police or national bike registration program. This option is very important and usually helps when your bike has been stolen. It just increases the chances of recovery and saves you from the emotional distress that’s going to come your way.

  1. Alarm System: 

The best thing about the alarm system is that no one can ignore the alarm sound when someone tries to touch or steal your bike. You will have to install the alarm system in your vehicle and once installed it will start working. The only drawback of this option is that the sound of the alarm is pretty high which can irritate you after some time. 


Some of the ways that have been discussed do not guarantee that your bike will stay safe, it will just lower the chances of it being stolen. This is why I recommend you to use GPS trackers because they already have features like instant alerts whenever there will be any moment in your vehicle. The range of GPS security devices that is offered by Letstrack comes with everything that you’ll require and works wonders. Stay away from the tensions of the safety of your bikes.


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