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Advantages Of AIS 140 GPS tracker in India


Traffic is becoming a big problem nowadays in India. Tracking a particular vehicle becomes very difficult but the latest technology makes work very simple by using Letstrack AIS 140 GPS tracker fleet owners/managers, school management, ambulance owners can monitor all the daily activities easily.

Letstrack AIS 140 GPS tracker an Intelligent Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring tracking device with an emergency response button, certified with AIS 140 regulation, published by ARAI. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, has made AIS 140 Compliant Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) mandatory for both existing & new public transport vehicles. The main purpose of the government is to improve the efficiency of the transportation system that leads to enhance the safety and security of passengers.

In order to the enhancement of the transport system the government of India has framed an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard – AIS 140.There are a lot of parts of AIS 140 which encompass the various aspects of vehicle regulation and patronage of safety standards since the elementary goal of designing the system is to augment the vehicle safety there are many subdivisions to the ITS and these include: 

Emergency Service Vehicles

Every second is important when an emergency service vehicle like an ambulance is on road. There are multifarious instances of emergency vehicles getting stuck in traffic, and costing lives as a result. In order to get these vehicles to their destination, an emergency button can be used to contact the control center which can coordinate with the traffic management to help the vehicle avoid congested routes.

Inner Public Transport

The public transport that offers services within the city, mostly have predefined routes and their operations are shorter relative to the interstate transportation system, hence to ensure that the driver sticks to the pre route an AIS 140 GPS Tracker is installed with an emergency button and connected to the control center.

Educational Institutions

AIS 140 government approved GPS Trackers are also mandatory for the educational transportation system vehicles such as buses, cabs and so forth.You may call us on 7827822000 for a free demo.


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