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Best Bluetooth Tracker for Keys, Wallets, Phones, Bags and all other Things That You Carry Everyday


Life gets messy when things go out of place. It gets even more irritating when it takes a long time to search and find the lost valuable. Then why not take a little help from the latest innovations in bluetooth technologies, to instantly sort out everything? This would make your workings more cost-effective and time more productive. The best bluetooth tracking device, Letstrack TAG puts a final end to all the worries of losing valuables. It is ensured that you do not waste time and resources on losing your essentials and buying their replacements. 




An ideal quality of a daily using tracker is its small size. So Letstrack TAG has been meticulously designed with 35mm dimensions with 5.8 mm thickness. The convenience gets even better when there is an even smaller size available. Keeping in mind the user’s ultimate comfort,  Letstrack TAG mini has been designed with 24mm dimensions and 5.6mm thickness.   

These two trackers fit into a compact wallet and can be attached to the smaller keyrings. These are so lightweight, that they can hang on your dog as well as your puppy’s collar TAG. Thus the best bluetooth tracking device, with its exceptional performance in finding, manages your lost belongings.

Finds Your Valuables  Before You Lose Them

A bluetooth tracker has exceptional features and doesn't let you lose your belongings in the first place. It raises an alarm as soon as your TAGged belonging goes beyond the range.  For instance, Letstrack TAG raises a separation alert, in case you forget your valuables behind. So it finds your valuables even before you were about to lose them.


Finds Beyond Range With Lost And Found Community

An ideal quality of the best bluetooth tracking device is it’s finding efficiency within range and its farthest reach in the Lost and Found Community search. When a product is truly lost then Letstrack TAG employs its network of 5 lakh and growing community members. These are the current users of Letstrack application. When found, the latest location of your lost valuable is updated in your Letstrack application wallet.

Finds Your Lost Connected Phone

Another interesting feature of the best bluetooth tracking device is that it finds your lost phone as well. In such a case,  just press the button on the device and your phone will ring to its search tune, even if it is on silent.



Besides finding, the best bluetooth tracking device also has many advanced features to make the finding process very smooth. Brands like Letstrack TAG and TAG mini make continuous innovations in bluetooth technology to upgrade such features. The aim is to humanize technology and make Letstrack TAG and TAG mini your perfect companion. 


For instance, Letstrack TAG and TAG mini are synced with your phone camera. This lets you click a hassle-free candid selfie anytime, anywhere. 

Also, you can command these Bluetooth tracking devices by simply telling Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Since their systems are integrated, a single voice command to these can make TAG and TAG mini instantly find your lost valuable. 

Above all, these Bluetooth tracking devices help you keep pace with your fast-moving life. They free you from any routine device charging. Equipped with a state of art battery life technology, they never die out and always instantly find your valuables. By making your time more productive and keeping peace of mind always intact, the Letstrack TAG and TAG mini are your best Bluetooth trackers. 



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