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7 Best Ways to bike theft protection | Secure Your Bike

7 Best Ways to bike theft protection | Secure Your Bike

03 Mar 2023 By Letstrack

In today’s time, the number of bikes have tremendously increased. And with that the cases of bikes getting stolen have increased as well. No matter how best you try to keep an eye on your bikes, but still, at the back of your mind, this concern haunts you. 


You can protect your bike with a high-quality bike lock, multiple locks, or via a GPS tracking device and make your bike an anti-theft bike. Bikes are not an easy buy so they should be taken care of pretty well. 

The purpose of this blog is to make you understand that never consider the safety of your vehicle a secondary thing and actions that can be taken to lower the chances of bike theft.

what all ways can be used to lower the chances of bike theft.

What are the ways to protect bikes from thefts?

Protecting your bike should not be considered as a burden. Instead, it should be taken as another responsibility if you own a bike or are planning to buy one. One should have some knowledge that can help you to save your bike from thefts.

Reasons to use bike theft protection

Sometimes it happens that we just do not get what actually small changes can bring in your life. Like, using bike theft protection can actually keep you away from some very unwanted situations. You can literally prevent the following situations from happening in your life;

Financial loss: 

The very obvious reason would be the loss of money if your bike gets stolen one day. It will become a very huge loss if the bike you bought was really very expensive. There are very few or no chances that you’ll get your bike back once it’s gone. 


Your daily routine will get hampered if your bike is stolen. You’ll have to experience major inconvenience if it was your primary mode of transportation.

Emotionally damaging:

We, humans, get very emotional when it comes to our personal stuff. We get attached to people and things very easily. Just think how bad the feeling would be of losing your bike with which you had so many emotions involved. 

So protecting your bike is important to ensure that you have a reliable mode of transportation, reducing financial and emotional damage. 

7 ways to use bike theft protection

We accept it or not, bike thefts have been a major problem. You never know which day of your life will turn into your worst day when you’ll look for your bike but your bike will be gone. So to not let this happen just use one of these 7 ways. 

  1.  Use a high-quality lock:

One of the traditional ways is to buy a lock for your bikes such as a U-Lock or chain lock and then tie it to a fixed object. These chains are super reliable and cannot be broken or cut easily. Apart from this, you can opt for multiple locks as well for different parts of the bike. The only drawback is that they are not very convenient and cannot be taken everywhere with you. 

  1. Using a GPS Tracker:

I, personally, find this option better than others. The only reason is that it's super convenient. GPS trackers have become very popular for good reasons. You can attach a GPS tracking device to your bike, car, or any other vehicle and you’ll then just have to sit and track your car. There are many GPS devices that come with a mobile-based application. For example, Letstrack’s GPS security device is synced to LT mobile application so that you can track your vehicle easily. You just have to open your app and check if your bike is safe or not. It’ll give you alerts in case of any movements. 

  1. Lock at a safe place: 

If you are going with the locks, it’s always a good option to look for a place that is well-equipped with cameras and lights, so that your bike is safe. There are all in all lesser chances of a thief coming into a well-lit area and stealing your bike. And even if something happens, you can easily take the necessary actions with the help of footage. 

  1. Secure your wheels: 

There are many skewers and locking nuts available in the market that can help you in securing the wheels of your bike. With the help of this, you can at least save your wheels from getting robbed. 

  1. Be vigilant: 

The next thing seems like a big task but all you can do is just keep an eye on your bike. You have to be very focused wherever you have parked your bike and also keep a check of your surroundings and make sure that you have locked your bike properly. This is a very common habitual way but practically, it is not possible. You cannot keep a check on your bike all the time, this is why GPS tracking devices are made for this. It’s better to use them instead. 

  1. Register your bike:

Always register your bike with the local police or national bike registration program. This option is very important and usually helps when your bike has been stolen. It just increases the chances of recovery and saves you from the emotional distress that’s going to come your way.

  1. Alarm System: 

The best thing about the alarm system is that no one can ignore the alarm sound when someone tries to touch or steal your bike. You will have to install the alarm system in your vehicle and once installed it will start working. The only drawback of this option is that the sound of the alarm is pretty high which can irritate you after some time. 


Some of the ways that have been discussed do not guarantee that your bike will stay safe, it will just lower the chances of it being stolen. This is why I recommend you to use GPS trackers because they already have features like instant alerts whenever there will be any moment in your vehicle. The range of GPS security devices that is offered by Letstrack comes with everything that you’ll require and works wonders. Stay away from the tensions of the safety of your bikes.

4 Reasons to Buy Letstrack GPS Tracker for Motorbikes

4 Reasons to Buy Letstrack GPS Tracker for Motorbikes

05 Sep 2019 By Letstrack

To youngsters, motorbikes not just serve the purpose of meeting the needs but also for that craze, they can do anything. Passion for riding a bike on mountains or smooth roads is a different experience, which only an adventurer would know. These voyagers prefer to explore the beauty of hilly areas, stretching miles to cover the length and breadth of the country on their bike. This one travel partner is a priceless asset, without which the thrill of their lives is baseless; needs special care and safety.

Motorbikes demand extra security because two-wheelers get easily stolen these days. Be it a luxurious bike or the standard one; an asset is an asset; for many bikers’ it’s their first love. Therefore, today every bike owner gets a GPS tracker fitted in their bike, and the Letstrack Bike Series is the right pick for every biking enthusiasts.

Dive into four reasons and know why to buy Letstrack GPS tracker for the bike:

Real-time tracking: With this feature, loved ones can know at all times, the exact location of the rider, and make sure they are safe, no matter wherever they are. 

Anti-Theft Alert keeps the bike safe: Fix Letstrack Bike Series in the two-wheeler in a way that it’s not easily visible, and get it synced with the Letstrack mobile App. This practical solution keeps the bike safe at all times. In case of a mishap, this GPS tracker can always track the location of the vehicle in real-time and recover the asset easily.

A Must-Have for New Bikers: It’s essential for parents who have teenage bikers who in homes to get the device fixed. It helps them keep a track on the young biker who may feel liberal and attempt any stunt, over-speed, or ride on the wrong side of the road. With the mobile app, parents can keep an eye on their younger ones each move and get several alerts on it via Letstrack Free Mobile App.

Keeps the bike in a safe zone: The Biker, while camping or being at home via Letstrack mobile app can create a safe zone, where he can park his bike overnight. If in case, the bike moves ahead of this preconfigured area, the user will instantly get an alert.


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Future with GPS Tracking

Future with GPS Tracking

25 Mar 2019 By Letstrack

In today’s time we cannot compromise with our safety and for our loved ones too.Similarly Letstrack GPS Tracking Devices also takes care of our safety and provides us with best of its services. GPS devices are nowadays commonly found in cars, dog collars and phones with the ability to pinpoint your location anywhere in the country. While now you can successfully track your children, dog and stolen car what advances in GPS tracking technology are there likely to be in the future are for :

  • Business uses

More and more businesses are finding a use for GPS trackers, these days they are habitually fitted to public transport systems, taxis, and fleet vehicles. Their installation has revolutionized postal and courier services and emergencies are better managed when tracking devices are in place. The future will see an increase in the use and services offered as a result of the technology. As the units get ever smaller and the cost increasingly cheaper they will continue to be a powerful tool in the business community.

  • Individual safety

As the trackers become smaller it will be easier and more comfortable for people to carry tracking systems, easing parents worries about their children and allowing people to better keep an eye on elderly relatives and wayward pets.

The GPS market is definitely an expanding and innovative one with new developments painting an exciting future for all. Whether it means more reliable business services, better communications or increased personal safety the next generation of GPS trackers are likely to continue having an impact on our everyday lives.

At present there is still a novelty value attached to GPS systems, however, it will not be long before the majority of people are carrying a tracking device or using a tracking device on a daily basis. Whether it's your cars navigation system, mobile phone or the bus you take to work we will all, somehow, be using tracking devices, helping to make our day run more smoothly.

Letstrack GPS Tracking devices plays an important role in our lives as it makes us feel secure and we feel relaxed about our personal belongings and people. At present when there is so much crime happening all around one should be very vigilant and attentive towards their valuable assets and loved ones. Makers of GPS tracking devices understand the importance of GPS Tracking devices in our lives and also understands as how important is it for the people we love and care. Call us at 7827822000 for a free demo.

Importance of GPS Tracking

Importance of GPS Tracking

26 Feb 2019 By Letstrack

Safety of self and belongings is the main concern for everyone in the present time. Development in technology has no doubt created more comfort and convenience in daily life but has also posed threats to the lives of people.

It is not surprising to find that your newly bought expensive vehicle is stolen from the street where you parked it, or some stranger got into your house and tried to run away with your valuable things by threatening you with a gun or a knife.

You need to be well equipped with self-defense equipments and GPS tracking solution to protect yourself and your belongings.

Letstrack GPS tracking system has become advanced a lot from last some years. GPS trackers are now available in various shapes and sizes with several features, from standard GPS tracking devices to computer USB attachments to mobile phone integrated devices.

Importance of GPS is increasing day by day due to the uses and feature it has. Some of the main uses are given below-

•    It helps to locate our family members and other valuable things

•    It helps us to improve security

•    It helps to track the location of people

•    The organization with large shipping fleets needs to know the location of service vehicle at any time. From this purpose, the idea of using the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track and monitor fleet vehicles developed. Most GPS tracking devices work by using GPS technology.

•    Businesses like cargo, ambulance, taxi etc. that run on the wheel get great help with the use of GPS in managing, route analysis, maintenance, fuel cost cutting, speed alerts, and so on.

We can say Letstrack GPS tracking systems work as CCTV cameras today that can track moving as well as fixed objects. Letsrack is leading GPS tracking devices provider UK based company in India. It offers various types of GPS trackers for personal as well as business needs.


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Feel Secured with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device

Feel Secured with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device

03 Oct 2017 By Letstrack

Every day we hear several car/bike theft stories, but we never think we could be a victim the very next day?! Do you feel nervous abandoning your bike at any place? Letstrack GPS tracker for bike is a safety device for two-wheelers which is not limited to bikes only; it can be used for any two-wheeler for that matter.

Tracking a two-wheeler is easy with Letstrack, whether you want to track an employee who is out for a delivery or your son for instance. The most useful feature of this tracker is that you can easily locate your bike in a parking spot of 1000 similar looking bikes.

Other specifications of Letstrack are:

  • You get parking notifications. By that we mean if anyone moves your two-wheeler, you’ll get instant notifications.
  • You can track anyone with this device in real with exact location alerts.
  • If for some reason you don’t have time to track someone with this device, Letstrack gives you 24-hour history view.
  • Zone alert feature allows you to track a person within a zone, whenever they enter or exit that specified zone.
  • If you are wondering what will happen to this device when it comes in contact with water, let us tell you everything is under control as this device is waterproof making it even more convenient.

This device costs less than what you will spend buying a smartphone. Letstrack has a feature wherein you can track the current speed of the vehicle. With one year warranty and support staff, you will have the best safety companion.

Advantages of Using a Bike GPS Tracker

Advantages of Using a Bike GPS Tracker

19 Aug 2017 By Letstrack

So, you have invested your money and dreams in buying a bike of your choice. Perhaps this is the first vehicle which you, as a college student, have ever owned. Or maybe it was a birthday gift that you bought for your son. Needless to say, it would be disastrous if such a vehicle were to be stolen. Though the more sophisticated variety of bikes may have alarms and immobilizers, most experienced thieves know how to deactivate these devices. On the mean streets of Indian cities, it is a common experience for bikes to be stolen. Therefore, you need to invest in a bike GPS tracker.

Some of the advantages of using a GPS tracker for bikes are as follows:

  • The tracking device is very small in size. It does not require much effort to install such a device.
  • This system is highly efficient in case of businesses relating to deliveries and sales. The location of the delivery person can easily be determined.
  • Bike trackers can also help piece together the entire scenario in case of accidents. Trackers can supply the complete details of the entire incident. It will be easy for the lawmakers to proceed with the case.
  • The waterproofing feature of such trackers enables these to be used during the monsoons as well.
  • GPS trackers can help in jamming a biking. An unauthorized person trying to start a motorcycle soon discovers that it is not so easy. A text pops up on the phone and an alarm installed in the bike cuts off the power supply to the engine, thereby jamming the bike.
  • In a mobile device, a motorcycle tracker can be tracked by sending an SMS. The GPS tracking system responds with the longitude, latitude, and the speed of the bike in real time.

For the best real time GPS vehicle tracking, we recommend that you choose a reputed and competent brand like Letstrack. The Letstrack Bike Series - Vehicle Tracker can be used for bikes as well as for a scooter or a scooty. The GPS tracking app for the bike must be installed by the individual who wants to monitor the vehicle’s location; for instance, if you want to keep an eye on your son who is driving his new bike. The device is installed to the battery of the bike. Its features include great connectivity, parking notification, speed alerts and much more.

Drive safe with Letstrack Bike Series!