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How GPS Trackers Are Revolutionizing Logistics?

How GPS Trackers Are Revolutionizing Logistics?

10 Apr 2023 By Letstrack

GPS trackers have made a significant impact in the logistics industry by improving the efficiency, accuracy, and security of deliveries. Real-time fleet tracking is revolutionizing the logistics industry and it can be used to send out shipments, parcels, etc.

No matter how big or small your orders are, a GPS will help you track them from one end of the world to another. It offers great flexibility and does not even require any specialized equipment. 

For years, the logistics industry has been relying on GPS technology for better tracking and monitoring of its vehicles. However, as tracking advancements progressed, you could also monitor your shipment virtually anywhere in the world via a real-time tracking device. It has been a groundbreaking innovation in the logistics industry.

Role of real-time fleet tracking in revolutionizing logistics

In the past, logistic companies had to rely on manual methods of tracking deliveries, which resulted in a lot of inefficiencies and mistakes. With GPS trackers, companies can now accurately track the location of their vehicles and shipments in real time. This allows them to provide their customers with real-time updates on the delivery status, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the number of delivery issues.

One of the key benefits of GPS tracking for logistics companies is improved delivery accuracy. Real-time data enables companies to monitor the progress of shipments and reroute vehicles to ensure that deliveries are made on time. This results in higher customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty.

Real-time tracking devices have also made it easier for logistics companies to optimize their routes. With real-time traffic information and route optimization algorithms, logistics companies can now plan the most efficient routes for their deliveries. This not only saves time and reduces fuel consumption, but also reduces the carbon footprint of the company, making it more environmentally friendly.

GPS trackers also allow logistics companies to provide customers with up-to-date information on the delivery of their goods. Customers can receive notifications on the location and estimated delivery time of their packages, giving them peace of mind and a better overall experience.

In addition to improving delivery efficiency, GPS trackers also provide increased security for shipments. GPS trackers can alert logistics companies in the event of theft or any other security issues. This allows companies to respond quickly to any potential threats and recover any stolen items, reducing the risk of losses and enhancing overall security.

GPS trackers have also made it easier for logistics companies to manage their fleets. With real-time data on the location and status of each vehicle, companies can now easily monitor the performance of their drivers and vehicles. This data can also be used to identify areas of improvement, reduce maintenance costs and improve the overall safety of their fleet.


With continued advancements in technology, the use of GPS trackers in logistics is only set to increase, providing even greater benefits for logistics companies and their customers.

Real-time fleet tracking has led to new modes of collaboration that have enhanced productivity and efficiency in many businesses. Letstrack GPS tracking devices have also popularized the road transport industry by enabling firms to optimize delivery logistics with precise real-time monitoring and analysis. Enabling features like speed alerts and ignition on/off, the product is worth a try. 

4 Reasons to Buy Letstrack GPS Tracker for Motorbikes

4 Reasons to Buy Letstrack GPS Tracker for Motorbikes

05 Sep 2019 By Letstrack

To youngsters, motorbikes not just serve the purpose of meeting the needs but also for that craze, they can do anything. Passion for riding a bike on mountains or smooth roads is a different experience, which only an adventurer would know. These voyagers prefer to explore the beauty of hilly areas, stretching miles to cover the length and breadth of the country on their bike. This one travel partner is a priceless asset, without which the thrill of their lives is baseless; needs special care and safety.

Motorbikes demand extra security because two-wheelers get easily stolen these days. Be it a luxurious bike or the standard one; an asset is an asset; for many bikers’ it’s their first love. Therefore, today every bike owner gets a GPS tracker fitted in their bike, and the Letstrack Bike Series is the right pick for every biking enthusiasts.

Dive into four reasons and know why to buy Letstrack GPS tracker for the bike:

Real-time tracking: With this feature, loved ones can know at all times, the exact location of the rider, and make sure they are safe, no matter wherever they are. 

Anti-Theft Alert keeps the bike safe: Fix Letstrack Bike Series in the two-wheeler in a way that it’s not easily visible, and get it synced with the Letstrack mobile App. This practical solution keeps the bike safe at all times. In case of a mishap, this GPS tracker can always track the location of the vehicle in real-time and recover the asset easily.

A Must-Have for New Bikers: It’s essential for parents who have teenage bikers who in homes to get the device fixed. It helps them keep a track on the young biker who may feel liberal and attempt any stunt, over-speed, or ride on the wrong side of the road. With the mobile app, parents can keep an eye on their younger ones each move and get several alerts on it via Letstrack Free Mobile App.

Keeps the bike in a safe zone: The Biker, while camping or being at home via Letstrack mobile app can create a safe zone, where he can park his bike overnight. If in case, the bike moves ahead of this preconfigured area, the user will instantly get an alert.


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Guide to Execute New Fleet Management Technology

Guide to Execute New Fleet Management Technology

22 Sep 2018 By Letstrack

With technology taking over most of the business operations day by day, the method how we manage things has changed drastically over a past decade. Businesses like Fleet management heavily relies on the advanced GPS technology to manage its fleet but to implement such advanced technology, business should possess some basic things like internet, GPS device & mobile technology.

Technology implementation can be intimidating, especially if your staff is satisfied with the existing traditional method of operating things. Implementing a new technology is worth the pain if managed as a project itself.  It can save a lot of costs & magnify the efficiency of operations that can drive high profits.

Here are key points that can guide you to execute New Fleet Management Technology.

Organize Everything in Order

While in a transition period of a new fleet management technology, it is highly recommended to keep every all the accurate data at your fingertips. While in a transition period of a new fleet management technology, it is highly recommended to keep all accurate data at your fingertips. An efficient tracking system will avail all the insight that can be accessed on command. Keep all the information in the system like the invoices, vehicle information, driver data & etc. It is essential to keep all the information in one place rather than in a scattered manner. It is very much recommended to keep all use a fleet system that is cloud-based. Cloud-based system mobiles all the information and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Appoint a Specialist

Appointing a specialist will make transition period hassle free. He can oversee the execution of new technology and keep everything under control. He should be able to implement and execute everything under the set time frame, also understand the budget restraints, if any. The specialist should build a team of people with the precise skills who represent different aspects of the business to delegate the tasks. This can help the implementing process smoother and faster.

Give Required Train to Your Employees

At times, employees resist change in the organization because they lack the knowledge of it. In a number of cases, it has seen that a change can lead to conflicts between the employees and management. Conducting a training session indicates that the organization is keen to teach new things to employees, this spreads a positive message.  

If you are looking for tracking system for your organization then contact Letstrack & request for a free trail.


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Feel Secured with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device

Feel Secured with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device

03 Oct 2017 By Letstrack

Every day we hear several car/bike theft stories, but we never think we could be a victim the very next day?! Do you feel nervous abandoning your bike at any place? Letstrack GPS tracker for bike is a safety device for two-wheelers which is not limited to bikes only; it can be used for any two-wheeler for that matter.

Tracking a two-wheeler is easy with Letstrack, whether you want to track an employee who is out for a delivery or your son for instance. The most useful feature of this tracker is that you can easily locate your bike in a parking spot of 1000 similar looking bikes.

Other specifications of Letstrack are:

  • You get parking notifications. By that we mean if anyone moves your two-wheeler, you’ll get instant notifications.
  • You can track anyone with this device in real with exact location alerts.
  • If for some reason you don’t have time to track someone with this device, Letstrack gives you 24-hour history view.
  • Zone alert feature allows you to track a person within a zone, whenever they enter or exit that specified zone.
  • If you are wondering what will happen to this device when it comes in contact with water, let us tell you everything is under control as this device is waterproof making it even more convenient.

This device costs less than what you will spend buying a smartphone. Letstrack has a feature wherein you can track the current speed of the vehicle. With one year warranty and support staff, you will have the best safety companion.