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Guide to Execute New Fleet Management Technology

Guide to Execute New Fleet Management Technology

22 Sep 2018
By Letstrack

With technology taking over most of the business operations day by day, the method how we manage things has changed drastically over a past decade. Businesses like Fleet management heavily relies on the advanced GPS technology to manage its fleet but to implement such advanced technology, business should possess some basic things like internet, GPS device & mobile technology.

Technology implementation can be intimidating, especially if your staff is satisfied with the existing traditional method of operating things. Implementing a new technology is worth the pain if managed as a project itself.  It can save a lot of costs & magnify the efficiency of operations that can drive high profits.

Here are key points that can guide you to execute New Fleet Management Technology.

Organize Everything in Order

While in a transition period of a new fleet management technology, it is highly recommended to keep every all the accurate data at your fingertips. While in a transition period of a new fleet management technology, it is highly recommended to keep all accurate data at your fingertips. An efficient tracking system will avail all the insight that can be accessed on command. Keep all the information in the system like the invoices, vehicle information, driver data & etc. It is essential to keep all the information in one place rather than in a scattered manner. It is very much recommended to keep all use a fleet system that is cloud-based. Cloud-based system mobiles all the information and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Appoint a Specialist

Appointing a specialist will make transition period hassle free. He can oversee the execution of new technology and keep everything under control. He should be able to implement and execute everything under the set time frame, also understand the budget restraints, if any. The specialist should build a team of people with the precise skills who represent different aspects of the business to delegate the tasks. This can help the implementing process smoother and faster.

Give Required Train to Your Employees

At times, employees resist change in the organization because they lack the knowledge of it. In a number of cases, it has seen that a change can lead to conflicts between the employees and management. Conducting a training session indicates that the organization is keen to teach new things to employees, this spreads a positive message.  

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Feel Secured with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device

Feel Secured with Letstrack GPS Tracking Device

03 Oct 2017
By Letstrack

Every day we hear several car/bike theft stories, but we never think we could be a victim the very next day?! Do you feel nervous abandoning your bike at any place? Letstrack GPS tracker for bike is a safety device for two-wheelers which is not limited to bikes only; it can be used for any two-wheeler for that matter.

Tracking a two-wheeler is easy with Letstrack, whether you want to track an employee who is out for a delivery or your son for instance. The most useful feature of this tracker is that you can easily locate your bike in a parking spot of 1000 similar looking bikes.

Other specifications of Letstrack are:

  • You get parking notifications. By that we mean if anyone moves your two-wheeler, you’ll get instant notifications.
  • You can track anyone with this device in real with exact location alerts.
  • If for some reason you don’t have time to track someone with this device, Letstrack gives you 24-hour history view.
  • Zone alert feature allows you to track a person within a zone, whenever they enter or exit that specified zone.
  • If you are wondering what will happen to this device when it comes in contact with water, let us tell you everything is under control as this device is waterproof making it even more convenient.

This device costs less than what you will spend buying a smartphone. Letstrack has a feature wherein you can track the current speed of the vehicle. With one year warranty and support staff, you will have the best safety companion.

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