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How a Fleet Management System Can Improve Your Company's Efficiency?

How a Fleet Management System Can Improve Your Company

25 Apr 2023 By Letstrack

A fleet management system has become an indispensable tool for businesses operating a fleet of vehicles. It enables companies to monitor their vehicles in real time, providing insights into driver behavior, vehicle location, and maintenance needs. One of the key benefits of a fleet management system is its ability to improve a company's efficiency.

Route optimization is a critical feature of a fleet management system that enables companies to save time and reduce costs. Fleet managers can create optimized routes for drivers by utilizing GPS tracking and real-time traffic updates. This ensures that drivers take the most efficient path to their destination, avoiding traffic congestion and roadblocks. As a result, companies can achieve faster delivery times, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced fuel costs.

In addition to optimizing routes, a fleet management system can help reduce fuel consumption. Fleet managers can monitor fuel usage and driver behavior, identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to reduce fuel consumption. This includes tracking idling times, speed limits, and aggressive driving, and providing feedback to drivers on how to reduce fuel consumption. By reducing fuel consumption, companies can achieve significant cost savings on fuel expenses and reduce their carbon footprint.

Improving Your Company Efficiency With Fleet Management System

Improved Efficiency

The efficient use of fuel is essential to any business operating a fleet of vehicles. Fuel costs can represent a significant portion of a company's overall operating expenses, and reducing these costs can have a positive impact on the bottom line. A fleet management system can be an invaluable tool for reducing fuel consumption and improving a company's overall efficiency.

One of the primary ways a fleet management system can reduce fuel consumption is by providing insight into driver behavior. Fleet managers can use the system to track a range of driver behaviors, including speeding, harsh braking, and idling times. By identifying these behaviors, fleet managers can work with drivers to implement strategies to reduce fuel consumption.

For example, drivers can be encouraged to reduce their speed and avoid sudden braking, both of which can have a significant impact on fuel consumption. Additionally, the fleet management system can be configured to monitor idle times, which can be a significant source of fuel waste. Fleet managers can provide feedback to drivers on their idle times and work with them to develop strategies to reduce idle times and save fuel.

Another way a fleet management system can reduce fuel consumption is by optimizing routes. By utilizing GPS tracking and real-time traffic updates, fleet managers can create optimized routes for drivers, avoiding traffic congestion and roadblocks. This ensures that drivers take the most efficient path to their destination, reducing the distance traveled and the amount of fuel used. Additionally, by reducing the time drivers spend on the road, companies can reduce their overall fuel consumption.

In addition to these strategies, a fleet management system can also help identify opportunities for more fuel-efficient vehicles. The system can provide data on the fuel efficiency of each vehicle in the fleet, allowing fleet managers to identify vehicles that are not performing as efficiently as they could be. By replacing these vehicles with more fuel-efficient models, companies can achieve significant cost savings on fuel expenses over time.

Improved Customer Service

The 2nd way in which a fleet management system can improve a company's efficiency is through better maintenance management. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping vehicles in good condition and reducing the risk of breakdowns or other issues. A fleet management system can help companies stay on top of maintenance schedules, ensuring that vehicles receive the care they need to perform at their best.

By using a fleet management system, companies can schedule routine maintenance tasks, such as oil changes and tire rotations, in advance. The system can provide alerts when maintenance is due, ensuring that vehicles receive the necessary care at the appropriate intervals. This can help prevent breakdowns and other issues that can be costly for companies to resolve.

In addition to scheduled maintenance, a fleet management system can also help identify potential issues before they become major problems. The system can monitor a range of vehicle parameters, including engine performance, battery health, and tire pressure. By identifying issues early on, fleet managers can address them before they lead to more significant problems and costly repairs.

The system can also provide real-time data on vehicle performance, allowing fleet managers to monitor trends and identify areas for improvement. For example, if a particular vehicle is consistently performing poorly in terms of fuel efficiency, the fleet manager can investigate the issue and work to resolve it. This can help ensure that vehicles are performing at their best, reducing the risk of breakdowns and other issues that can impact efficiency.

Another way in which a fleet management system can improve maintenance management is through automated maintenance tracking. Rather than relying on manual record-keeping, the system can automatically track maintenance tasks and provide alerts when maintenance is due. This can help ensure that maintenance tasks are not overlooked or forgotten, reducing the risk of breakdowns and other issues.

Overall, better maintenance management can have a significant impact on a company's efficiency. By using a fleet management system to schedule routine maintenance tasks, identify potential issues, monitor vehicle performance, and automate maintenance tracking, companies can keep their vehicles in good condition and reduce the risk of breakdowns and other issues. This can help companies save money on repairs and downtime, as well as improve their overall efficiency and productivity.

Improved Safety

The 3rd way in which a fleet management system can improve a company's efficiency is by promoting safer driving habits among drivers. By using a fleet management system, companies can monitor driver behavior and identify areas for improvement. This can help reduce the risk of accidents and improve safety on the road.

One of the key features of a fleet management system is the ability to monitor driver behavior in real-time. The system can track factors such as speed, acceleration, and braking, as well as other metrics such as seat belt usage and adherence to traffic laws. This information can be used to identify drivers who may be engaging in unsafe driving behaviors, such as speeding or harsh braking.

By identifying these behaviors early on, fleet managers can take proactive steps to address them. For example, they may provide additional training or coaching to drivers who exhibit unsafe driving habits. They may also implement incentives or rewards programs to encourage safe driving practices among their team.

In addition to monitoring driver behavior in real-time, a fleet management system can also provide historical data on driver performance. This can help identify trends and patterns in driver behavior over time, allowing fleet managers to take a more strategic approach to improving driver safety. For example, they may identify routes or areas where drivers tend to exhibit unsafe behaviors and implement changes to reduce these risks.

Another way in which a fleet management system can improve safety is by providing drivers with real-time feedback on their driving habits. For example, the system may provide audible or visual alerts when drivers exceed the speed limit or engage in other unsafe behaviors. This can help drivers stay more focused and alert while on the road, reducing the risk of accidents.

Cost Savings

The 4th way in which a fleet management system can improve a company's efficiency is by helping to reduce costs associated with managing a fleet of vehicles. A fleet management system can provide companies with a range of tools and features to help them better manage their vehicles, reduce fuel costs, and optimize routes, all of which can lead to significant cost savings over time.

One of the most significant cost savings that can be achieved with a fleet management system is the reduction of fuel costs. By using a fleet management system, companies can monitor fuel consumption in real-time, identify areas where fuel is being wasted, and take steps to reduce fuel usage. For example, the system may provide data on idling times, allowing fleet managers to address inefficient driving habits and reduce fuel consumption. This can result in significant cost savings over time, particularly for companies with large fleets of vehicles.

Another way in which a fleet management system can help companies save money is by optimizing routes. With a fleet management system, companies can identify the most efficient routes for their vehicles, taking into account factors such as traffic, road conditions, and delivery schedules. This can help reduce travel time and fuel usage, resulting in cost savings for the company. In addition, optimized routes can also help improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that deliveries are made on time and in the most efficient manner possible.

A fleet management system can also help companies reduce maintenance costs associated with their vehicles. By monitoring vehicle performance and identifying potential issues early on, fleet managers can take proactive steps to address maintenance needs before they become more serious and costly. This can help reduce the overall cost of vehicle maintenance over time, as well as improve the lifespan of the company's vehicles.

In addition to reducing fuel and maintenance costs, a fleet management system can also help companies save money on insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer discounts to companies that use fleet management systems, as they are seen as being more proactive in managing risk and promoting safe driving practices. By implementing a fleet management system, companies may be able to reduce their insurance costs, resulting in additional cost savings over time.

Integration with Other Business Systems

Nowadays, businesses rely on multiple systems and tools to run their operations smoothly. From accounting software to customer relationship management tools, the list goes on. Managing and integrating these systems can be a challenging task, especially for large enterprises. However, with the help of a fleet management system, you can integrate all of your business systems into one central platform, which can significantly improve your company's efficiency.

Fleet management systems are designed to manage all aspects of fleet operations, including tracking vehicles, monitoring driver behavior, scheduling maintenance, and much more. The systems are built to integrate seamlessly with other business systems, allowing for streamlined operations and improved collaboration across departments.

One of the most significant advantages of integrating a fleet management system with other business systems is the ability to automate workflows. For instance, the system can automatically update inventory levels based on the number of vehicles available, making it easier to manage and order parts. This feature saves a lot of time and effort, and it can also prevent human error, which is a common problem when managing multiple systems manually.

Another significant advantage of integrating fleet management systems with other business systems is the ability to generate reports and analytics. The system can collect data from various sources, such as vehicles, drivers, and fuel usage, and present it in an easy-to-understand format. This information can be used to identify trends, spot inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions that can improve the bottom line.

Furthermore, fleet management systems can integrate with third-party applications, such as GPS tracking and fuel card systems. This integration can provide additional data and insights into your fleet operations, enabling you to make informed decisions about your vehicles and drivers.

In addition to automation and analytics, integration with other business systems can also help with compliance and regulatory requirements. For example, the system can automatically track and store driver logs, ensuring that they comply with the hours of service regulations. It can also monitor vehicle emissions and alert the appropriate personnel when a vehicle requires an emissions test.

Overall, integrating a fleet management system with other business systems can provide numerous benefits for your company. From automation to analytics, compliance to collaboration, the advantages are many. By streamlining your operations and improving collaboration across departments, you can achieve significant cost savings and improve your company's efficiency. So why not consider integrating a fleet management system into your business operations today?


In conclusion, fleet management systems offer a variety of benefits for businesses. By improving efficiency, safety, cost savings, and integration with other business systems, fleet management systems can streamline operations and provide data-driven decision-making. With advanced features such as automation, reporting, and third-party integrations, fleet management systems can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and respond quickly to changes in the market. Whether you operate a small or large fleet, investing in a fleet management system can be a wise decision that pays off in the long run.

How To Track My Bike’s Location?

How To Track My Bike’s Location?

03 Mar 2023 By Letstrack

In the fast-growing environment around us where technology has marked its feet, it has become important for human beings as well to match up to its speed.  

Besides having a bike, the main question that you might think is ‘how to actually track my bike’. You can use a GPS security device to track your bike which can be connected to your bike. The sim-based GPS device will give you live real-time tracking that you can see on your mobile app.

In this article, we will show you the benefits of tracking your bike and how it can be a lifesaver.

How to track a bike's location?

The technology has made it very easy for you to track your bike’s location. There are some of very convenient ways out of which GPS tracking is the most popular and useful way. This blog will help you in understanding the process of how to track your bike and why you should track your bike in a very simple way. 

Benefits of tracking your bike

Owning a bike is not enough but to ensure its safety and security has been a big responsibility and concern altogether. In order to lessen your burden, you can make a habit of using a bike location tracker. Some of the major advantages of a GPS tracker are listed below. 

  • Security: Suppose you invested your hard-earned money in your dream bike and it gets stolen after two days. Only one thing can increase the chances of getting your bike back, which is a GPS tracking device. Letstrack’s GPS tracker will give you the exact and real-time location of your bike on its app which is already synced to the device.    

  • Safety: When it comes to safety, bike tracking devices are really good at it. Some of the good devices provide you with alerts on the movements of the bike so you’ll stay aware if your bike is on the right way or not.

  • Peace of mind: The most important benefit of having a GPS device is that once you have invested in it and installed it on your bike, you get free from all the worries and tensions related to your bike. You’ll be able to track your loved ones if they use your bike someday you will be able to sleep peacefully. 

3 Simple way to track your bike

By now you have got an idea of how big changes a bike tracking device can bring to your life. One can get rid of all the safety concerns in just a few seconds by knowing where exactly your vehicle is by just opening the respective application assigned to your GPS tracking device.

 1. GPS tracking device

A GPS, also called Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere or near the earth. Installing a GPS tracking device on your bike will lessen the chances of thefts and can be easily tracked from a mobile app. When it comes to safety and security concerns, Letstrack’s GPS devices top the list providing you with not only real-time tracking but 24-hour history and a lot of other features as well. The anti-theft technology of the device is able to protect a number of bikes from getting robbed.

2. Smartphone Applications:

The second option that comes in the list is downloading a smartphone application. Some of these applications use the GPS data on your phone and use it to track your device while some of them use the Bluetooth technology which connects to a GPS tracking device that is connected to your bike. Letstrack’s GPS security device is already synced to Letstrack’s App. The device sends the data of the location back to the app providing you with real time data. With that, it will also assist you if your bike gets stuck or suffers a major breakdown somewhere.

3. Taking the help of the police:

If you have not used any of the above options, the last thing that is left to do is to note down your bike’s number and serial number and report it to the police authorities and then they will try their best to track it down once it has been stolen. This step is mostly taken when everything has happened and now you just have to patiently sit and wait for a positive response. Sometimes you might get lucky and get your bike back and sometimes you are left with nothing. 


Out of all the options listed, you can easily find your preferred one but always remember that a bike location tracker is the need of the hour. This technology is a boon to humans and will do wonders if you invest in them. Letstrack’s GPS security device will take all your load and you will just be left with peace of mind and of course, your bike. Moreover, you can find bike trackers or other GPS-tracking devices online very easily. I hope by now, you have understood how you will track your bike without any hassle.

GPS Tracking & Security System – a Boon for Modern Lifestyle and Conveyance

GPS Tracking & Security System – a Boon for Modern Lifestyle and Conveyance

02 Mar 2021 By Letstrack

Driving is an important acquired skill in one’s life. Everyone needs to learn it at one point of time in their life. Unlike in a movie or video game, you cannot just roam around, hit escape when you are in trouble! There are so many things to take care of while driving, like traffic signals, directions, lane, etc. On top of that, there are challenges like vehicle theft, fuel management and family safety.


Why do we need a Vehicle Tracking System?

Any vehicle owner knows the amount of hard work and passion that goes into buying and maintaining their car. And if you are one, you wouldn’t want yourself in a scenario, where you have parked your vehicle at a sweet spot down the street, and suddenly…it’s gone!

A trustworthy vehicle tracking system is the need of the hour. You should not leave yourself helpless and regret not investing in a good vehicle tracking system. Although very few companies provide such security devices in India, you can find the best one for your vehicle. You should first do some research on your own for an unbiased viewpoint.


Letstrack’s Award-Winning GPS Security Devices

Letstrack offers you the best available GPS tracking and security system, with voice-integrated AI via a US-patented mobile app. Built using state-of-the-art technology, this advance tracking system gives you anti-theft functionality with engine cut.

Letstrack’s Real-Time GPS Security & Tracking Device can be used to secure your vehicles, valuables and loved ones. It is available for 2-wheelers, 4-Wheeler, commercial vehicles, assets (costly and movable items), field-based sales team and family security. It is unique security equipment with voice-integration – you can talk to your vehicle and give voice commands to execute things like starting the engine or shutting it down and switching the AC on and off. The GPS tracking device is synced with Letstrack Mobile App so that it can get live data related to the vehicle and send it to your mobile phone for easy understanding and peace of mind. Now, monitor your car wherever you are!


Why Letstrack?

Loaded with so many powerful features, it’s a win-win situation for anyone who installs this security device in their vehicle. Not only will you secure whatever you want to but also save a lot of time and money!

Letstrack is a UK-based MNC, recognized as Asia's Largest Vehicle Security Company and is the World's First Voice-Integrated IoT Brand. Their path-breaking and industry-defining devices and services have led Letstrack to win 17 national and international awards in the last 3 years – “Innovation in IoT” by Aegis Graham Bell Awards being one of them.

Carpool your way through the Odd-Even rule

Carpool your way through the Odd-Even rule

07 Nov 2019 By Letstrack

After the alarming condition of the national capital because of smog the last few days, the third edition of odd-even has started. Brought to force in 2016, the odd-even method is a system where vehicle registration numbers will decide which cars get to be on the road on which day. The rule has been implemented in light of Delhi’s severe Air Quality Index, or AQI, which has reached an alarming level and has become a public health hazard. While the government is implementing the odd-even rule, there are other ways through which you can help keep your health in check, while also making sure you reach your work or home conveniently.

The best way to do this, and also an age-old method which somehow hasn’t caught on, is Carpooling. Talk to your colleagues, find the ones who travel on a particular route and then decide who will bring their car when. It’s convenient, conserves nature and also saves your fuel and hassles of driving in traffic. You can make your drives and pool even better by using the Letstrack app. Tell your fellow poolers to download the app and then you can track them, checking how far they are and how long they might take. Through the app’s inbuilt chat option, you can message seamlessly to all of them too, staying connected on the go. 

If you live in the outskirts or some ways away from your colleagues, Letstrack App has a radar view as well. Through this, you can see everyone around you who’s using Letstrack and converse with them regarding the carpool arrangement. This is probably the most beneficial arrangement that you can make, where you can address a multitude of problems. So come on, start Letstracking and carpooling for nature and your health.

Locate Stolen Ambulance With Letstrack GPS Device

Locate Stolen Ambulance With Letstrack GPS Device

21 Dec 2018 By Letstrack

Ambulances are vital tools helping in emergency conditions and the trained first responders quickly arrive at an emergency as well as offer potentially lifesaving support.  These vehicles are just like mini-hospitals on the wheel that are equipped with several healthcare tools designed to treat people on the spot. Now think about the condition of medical staff if an ambulance had been stolen from their parking lot. First of all, the staff noticed the vehicle was missing and then informs the police immediately.

If the ambulance doesn’t have GPS installed in it then tacking and recovery of the vehicle is very difficult even informing to police for recovery is also very tough. If a GPS device has been already installed in the ambulance then tracking and recovery is very easy and informing about the stolen vehicle to recovery authorities like police and insurance company too simple.

After getting the required information about the ambulance officers used the device to pinpoint the last known location of the vehicle. Police determined the ambulance was currently on the move. Police officers were informed about the suspicious ambulance. And cops will spot the vehicle very soon traveling down the road. The main thing that helps police in the tracking of the stolen ambulance is GPS vehicle tracking.

Letstrack GPS is one of the best vehicle tracking tools in the market. It uses the Internet and modern technology in a great way to provide unimaginative benefits to personal and businesses uses in daily life.

The advantage of GPS Tracking on Ambulances

Recovering of stolen ambulances is not only one the benefit of using GPS vehicle tracking on ambulances. Instead of this, there many other uses of GPS tracking. Some of the main benefits are given below-

  • Fuel Cost Cutting
  • Current location Tracking
  • Optimal route analysis and selection
  • Improvement in Productivity
  • Faster Service Response
  • Speed Alert
  • Automate Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Increase Accountability

The factors given above are not unacceptable for every hospital, ambulance drivers and patients in the need of emergency medical services all over the world. Letstrack GPS vehicle system is easy to use and affordable in price.


Contact us at 7827822000 and request for a free demo now!!

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Letstrack GPS Trackers Doing Wonders for Utilities Industry

Letstrack GPS Trackers Doing Wonders for Utilities Industry

06 Oct 2018 By Letstrack

The GPS technology has become the technology of the century. This technology is helping every business in the world by keeping the assets safe and enhancing the productivity & profits. GPS trackers can be used to gain better control over the assets, enhance operational efficiency including fuel usage.

Letstrack GPS tracking device provides a cloud-based system which gives the mobility to the command centre and admin to access the information on the go. Letstrack equips you with the complete insight of vehicle and drivers.

Monitor the Revenue and Expense

Growth in revenue and cutting down the expenses is the key to success in business. Letstrack GPS tracker helps you to monitor the costs, giving you the data to recognise the areas where you can reduce the expense. Drivers can be tracked in real-time, all the routes are taken by them to reach the destination and number of times they have stopped the vehicle during their journey. This kind of tracking gives you the understanding of how efficiency can be increased by planning out the routes and minimizing the breaks during the journey.

High-grade Communication

Communication is the vital way to keep things under control and preventing things from falling things from chaos. If a driver is stuck in a traffic jam and running late then coordinating with driver, command centre and client generally requires a number of calls. Sometimes your driver takes too many breaks during his journey which can delay in delivering and rise in daily cost. With Letstrack GPS tracking devices you can track your vehicle as they move and communicate with the driver and keep staying in touch with him, instructing about the routes and when to take a break without delaying the delivery time.

Enhancing Productivity

Productivity can be increased with adequate monitoring of the assets and employees. If employees perceive that they are being monitored then the productivity will rise, the unauthorized use of assets will be prevented. Also, Driver will stick to routes which are pre-planned and with limited breaks during the journey can lead to enhanced productivity.

Letstrack tracking system provides complete insight of the vehicle and driver. With accurate data of the vehicle, productivity can be measured by the ratio of maintenance it requires. This can help companies in eliminating the vehicles that require too much maintenance and low on productivity.   

If you are looking for tracking system for your organization then contact Letstrack & request for a free trail.


Contact us at 7827822000 and request for a free demo now!!

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How GPS Tracking Device Benefits the Car Owners

How GPS Tracking Device Benefits the Car Owners

07 May 2018 By Letstrack

In a country like ours, where the number of cars is increasing by the day, it is natural to face car parking issues, whether you are parking your car in your society, office or in any public place. The everyday struggle to get a safe parking space sees no end & out of desperation we end up parking our vehicles in an unsafe location, exposing them to theft. A GPS tracking device in such a situation would do us a world of good, equipped with features like ignition on notifications, vehicle toe notifications and immobilizing the car in case of forced entry.

Hence, it is now absolutely essential & worth investing in a tool like GPS Tracking Device for location monitoring, safety, anti-theft & piece-of-mind. Many Indian car owners these days are now looking to equip their car with a GPS vehicle tracking device. We aim to explain you the main benefits of a GPS tracking device for your car.

Here are a few reasons why should invest in a GPS tracking device for your car today:

Keeping a check on car maintenance

A lot of cars require very specific & routine maintenance. A GPS tracking system can be utilised to automate the scheduling of regular maintenance for your car. This not only helps to reduce fuel costs & minimize breakdowns but also help in extending the life of your car.

Alarms on Reckless Driving

Alerts can be set in a way that you will be instantly notified in case of reckless driving. This includes hard braking, swerving, speeding & other dangerous driving behaviours. This keeps young drivers under check and also pushes them to behave responsibly when behind the wheel. Another brilliant feature is one which enables you to set up an alarm if the car is operating beyond certain hours, allowing for instant notification if a driver breaks curfew.

Family Members’ Location can be Tracked

A GPS tracking device operates in real-time allowing you to track the location of your family members travelling in the car instantaneously. This is a great way of ensuring that your kids are home by curfew time, and can be used to locate family members quickly in the event of an accident or a car breakdown. This is a really handy safety feature, that’s why you should equip your cars with this device if you have a family.

Recovery of Car in an Event of Theft

With the ever climbing custom rates, sedans and SUVs don’t come cheap & you want to protect your prized possession in any way possible is natural. And yet again the answer to your car troubles, you guessed it - a GPS tracking device. This can be used to set a perimeter alert that will notify you whenever the car is moving from its parked location or if it leaves a certain perimeter during assigned hours & allows you to track the car in real-time so that the police can locate & recover it.

Equip your car with Letstrack GPS tracking Device & keep your car safe, reduce the risk factor not only from accidents and damage but from theft as well, also it can have a huge impact on your car insurance premium, therefore take the time & think about what systems you have in place that is keeping your car safe on & off the road. For high-quality live tracking try our top products like Letstrack Basic Series, Letstrack Prima Series & Letstrack Premium

Are you looking for the best vehicle GPS tracking device?

Are you looking for the best vehicle GPS tracking device?

24 Jan 2018 By Letstrack

Running a business is a big task in this economic world.  One has to deal with several challenges in order to improve profitability and growth of the business. The most important factor that affects the productivity is the smooth functioning of the fleet.

An easy and smart way of managing the fleet is by attaching a vehicle GPS tracking System on your vehicle. It will help in many ways such as evaluating fuel, monitoring the activities of the driver, better management of the business, and charting out distinctive routes.

Before buying a vehicle GPS tracking device, one should look through the following features:

  1. Engine Cut- this feature helps in full monitoring of the vehicle. If you see your driver moving in the wrong direction, you can always take control and press the Engine cut button, which will dismantle the functioning of your vehicle with just a click.
  2. Real-Time Tracking- it enables you to track the precise location of the driver or vehicle in present time.
  3. Parking Notification-this useful feature helps you know the last logged parking locations of your vehicles. 
  4. Engine On/Off- it notifies you about the status of your vehicle’s engine.
  5. Speed Alerts- With the help of this feature you can set a maximum speed limit and get alerts whenever your driver exceeds that speed limit.
  6. Towed Alarm- the benefit of this feature is that it informs you about your vehicle whenever it gets towed even if the engine is off.
  7. Zone Alerts- the zone alert feature helps you create a particular zone and it gives you alerts every time the concerned person enter or exists that area. This is useful in keeping an eye on the activities of your driver.
  8. 24 Hour History- there is no chance for you to miss out on something as this feature save history for up to 24 hours.

The best vehicle tracking device for you would be Letstrack Prima- Vehicle GPS Monitoring. This device helps in evaluating expenses making your business more profitable. The choice is yours to make.

Secure Your Vehicle with GPS Tracker

Secure Your Vehicle with GPS Tracker

11 Aug 2017 By Letstrack

So, you have a shiny new vehicle – a car or a bike, that you are proud of. You have invested a lot of money and dreams in it, perhaps even taken a car loan. Your family is very happy, and your friends and colleagues are congratulating you. If it is your first car, then it is a dream come true. You imagine what a joy and pleasure it will be to take your family on trips, or friends on long drives, in it. And while you are entitled to enjoy your car, we recommend you secure it with a gps tracking device on car.

The benefits of using a GPS tracking device in your bike or car are as follows:

  1. If you plan to go on a drive, then there is a possibility that you may lose your way. With a GPS tracking device, you will always know where you are!
  2. In your daily travels to work, you will get to know in advance as to the condition of the traffic in each route. Thus, you can easily calculate your travel time.
  3. If you are in a new city or state, then your GPS becomes a virtual but friendly guide, apprising you of landmarks, tourist spots, shopping districts and eating joints.
  4. Last but not the least, if your bike is lost or stolen, it will be simple to track it down with a 2-wheeler gps tracker.

An extremely efficient GPS tracking device is the Letstrack Bike Series - Vehicle Tracker. Its principal aim is to ensure the safety and security of its customers. For instance, if you want to track the movements of your son who drives a two-wheeler, then you must install this GPS tracking app, which will enable you to monitor his location. It has functionalities like parking notification, real-time tracking, zone alerts, 24-hour history, speed alerts, and a multiplicity of other features.

Secure your car or bike with Letstrack GPS tracking system and win peace of mind!

3 Reasons You Should Get A GPS Car Tracking Device Today

3 Reasons You Should Get A GPS Car Tracking Device Today

03 Aug 2017 By Letstrack

In the world of GPS-based car tracking units, you could find yourself faced with a number of different reasons for opting to use a tracking device car. Are you suspicious that your spouse is cheating on you? Have a teenage driver in the house and want to make sure he/she is driving safely on the streets? Intend to increase the overall efficiency and performance of your business?

Let us look at how a tracking car device can be your answer to all of this.

Track Your Spouse

You may have been suspicious of your spouse’s behaviour for quite some time now. Is it possible that you are being cheated upon? Maybe you can use a GPS car tracker to find out more! Decide on the type of tracker you would want to choose for the mission – one that simply logs data or one that does proper real-time GPS tracking. Data logging generally proves to be sufficient and is much cheaper than the real-time variant.

Also, it is imperative that you maintain your discretion because you want to know whether they are cheating. By giving yourself away, you will only be making your own life difficult!

Teen Tracking

A GPS car tracker is a great option when you intend on monitoring a teen driver. It is often a predisposition of teens to drive recklessly when their parents are replaced by their friends in the passenger seat. With a tracking device installed in the car, it is one way of telling them that no matter what, their parents will always be watching the way they drive from afar. You should ideally tell your teenager that you intend to track them so that there is no conflict of interest in future.

Fleet Tracking

Car tracking is also done in commercial interest. Businesses with large vehicle fleets are always on the lookout for means wherein they can cut fuel emissions and associated costs. Implementing a GPS car tracker in the movable assets will help achieve this purpose.

Letstrack offers car tracking units at affordable costs in India and is among the best in this domain. Drop in at our website to know more about our products and services.