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Vehicle Management Systems: Improving Safety on the Roads

Vehicle Management Systems: Improving Safety on the Roads

26 Apr 2023 By Letstrack

Road safety is a significant concern for everyone who uses the road, whether pedestrians, drivers, or passengers. Every year, millions of people are injured, and thousands lose their lives in road accidents across the globe. While several factors contribute to these accidents, one of the significant reasons is driver behavior. 

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure drivers are equipped with the necessary tools to prevent accidents and enhance road safety. This is where vehicle management systems come into play.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of vehicle management systems in improving road safety. We will discuss how these systems can help reduce accidents, prevent unsafe driving behavior, and promote safer roads. 


Vehicle Management Systems Enhancing Road Safety 

Vehicle management systems play a vital role in enhancing road safety. They provide drivers with real-time data, allowing them to monitor their vehicles, make informed decisions, and avoid accidents. Some of the ways vehicle management systems improve road safety include:


  1. Real-time monitoring: 

Vehicle management systems provide real-time data on vehicle performance, enabling drivers to identify potential issues and take appropriate action.


  1. Driver behavior monitoring:

Vehicle management systems can monitor driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, and cornering, and provide feedback to drivers to help them improve their driving.


  1. Collision detection: 

Some vehicle management systems have collision detection features that can alert drivers to potential collisions and provide them with enough time to take evasive action.


  1. GPS tracking: 

Vehicle management systems with GPS tracking capabilities allow fleet managers to track vehicles' movements, ensuring drivers follow approved routes and schedules.


  1. Maintenance schedule: 

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure vehicles are in optimal condition. Vehicle management systems can schedule routine maintenance, reducing the risk of breakdowns and accidents caused by faulty vehicles.

Future of vehicle management systems and road safety

The future of vehicle management systems is undoubtedly bright as technology continues to advance rapidly. With the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, these systems can become even more powerful in enhancing road safety.

One potential future development is the use of predictive analytics. By analyzing data from various sources such as weather, traffic, and road conditions, vehicle management systems could provide real-time warnings to drivers and fleet managers about potential hazards on the road. This could include rerouting drivers to avoid traffic congestion or dangerous weather conditions or warning drivers about potential road hazards such as construction zones or accidents ahead.

Another area of development is the integration of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. This technology would allow vehicles to communicate with each other and with traffic infrastructure, such as traffic lights and road signs. By sharing information about road conditions and traffic patterns, vehicles could adjust their speed and behavior accordingly, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall road safety.


In conclusion, vehicle management systems play a crucial role in enhancing road safety by monitoring driver behavior, providing real-time data, and improving fleet management. By integrating these systems into their operations, fleet owners can benefit from improved safety, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. 

As technology continues to advance, the future of vehicle management systems looks promising, with the potential for further developments in areas such as AI and predictive analytics. If you are a fleet owner looking to improve your road safety measures, consider investing in a reliable vehicle management system like Letstrack that offers a range of features and benefits to help you achieve your safety goals. Contact us in case of any confusion. 

The Two-in-One LT Track and Charger

The Two-in-One LT Track and Charger

05 Dec 2019 By Letstrack

Smart devices bring so much convenience in our lives that we have become technologically way ahead. Today the cutting edge technology in-car accessories have redefined the driving experiences. Not just adding these features bring life to the vehicle but also make its interior significantly more appealing. These accessories do not signify a person's pretentious side instead showcases his bright side. Because people only like to invest in the right accessories, which eventually help them in a critical situation.

 Car Chargers, Car Mobile Phone Holders, AUX Cables, Car perfume, Portable Tyre Inflator are some of those essential accessories. In contrast to this, GPS trackers still have not become a part of the aforementioned list. However, with the growing necessity and emerging cautiousness among the owners, they are now opting to equip their vehicles with GPS tracking devices.

  Now, get Letstrack LT track and charger, which serves two significant purposes at a time, first- track the vehicle, and second- charges the mobile phones. Our phones play a very vital role in our lives. It keeps us connected with our dear ones, plays our favorite tracks via Bluetooth streaming, and guides our route through navigation map. As a result, its battery heavily suffers and gets drained quickly.

 WHAT LT track and charger offers?

It's Universal USB ports enable it to charge almost any phone, thus, makes the ride so much better.

Charges 2 devices at a time, so not just you but your family members can also charge their devices at the same time. This facility brings so much peace of mind and convenience.

 Charger cum hidden GPS tracker empowers the smart owners to play the trick smartly; they can know the whereabouts of their car anytime.

 Outwit the driver; the driver will never know his activities are being watched. Real-time location, driving speed, his behavior, number of halts taken, and what not can be looked into via LT track and charger.


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Driver’s Behavior through AIS 140

Driver’s Behavior through AIS 140

08 Jun 2019 By Letstrack

AIS 140 have incorporated the monitoring of driver behavior in the system as a must because of many reasons. While the system cannot monitor what is going in the mind of the driver itself but with the modern age communication devices such as wireless monitoring physical aspects of driving can be monitored and analyzed to comprehend and suggest the best driver behavior.

AIS 140 standard for driver performance monitoring clearly states that every vehicle should have driver scorecard and reporting under the operations management guidelines for both intra city and intercity vehicles. Letstrack tracking device helps you to detect the accurate location of the vehicle and the driver. Under the safety regulations it also mandates that there will be no display systems and as such in the driver’s or the attendant’s cabin and view area which can distract the driver in all vehicles. These points include:

·        Speed violation

·         Driver duty performance

·        Driver wise improper stopping

·        Details of missed trip

Letstrack AIS 140 GPS tracker incorporates frameworks to screen the vehicle wellbeing on the web which can support the driver take immediate and corrective measures which reduces the off route time for the vehicle. The driver behavior modeling has three main aspects: sensing, application and future systems. There are three main categories of driver behavior:

·        Normal behavior: This is when the driver behaves normally and divers with the optimal condition. Follows all the traffic rules, keeps a control on the speed of the vehicle, drives in lanes and is alert at all times.

·        Fatigue Behavior: Long working hours and other pressures can cause the driver to be fatigues. This can lead to loss in effective driving. A fatigued driver has the same habits as that of a drunk driver but there is not alcohol in driver blood but just lack of sleep and rest. Feel free to call us at 7827822000 for free demo.