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How Letstrack acts as an Advanced Security System?

How Letstrack acts as an Advanced Security System?

12 Aug 2019
By Letstrack

Are you one of those families who are always on the move? When you’re often travelling for work, it’s your driver who looks after your prized possession? Since your children are picked up and dropped by the same driver; do you trust him enough to leave your children and your car solely on him? No matter how many years the person has been driving your car, you never know what’s in his mind at the end of the day.

Smart families choose Letstrack Vehicle Tracking Devices to safeguard their children whenever they’re travelling alone with the driver. Using the free mobile application, parents can keep track of their children’s route even from the other side of the world. Yes, it’s this simple with Letstrack!

When it comes to tracking, Letstrack is a global leader in GPS and mobile tracking system by enabling APP-to-APP and APP-TO-WEB Mobility Solutions and platform to power the Internet of Things (IoT). Versatile like no other GPS tracker, Letstrack is India’s largest GPS solution provider which is available with a wide range of devices designed to deliver instant alerts.


Having a full-time driver is not that easy and keeping a watch over his actions is clearly not possible unless you fit in a smart tracker in your vehicle. So, let’s thoroughly dive into Letstrack's most important yet out of the box features.

By using its Mobile App, you can create alerts on the information you would like to retrieve about your car. Starting with Engine On/Off, this feature allows you to know that your car is not being misused by the driver. Anytime the engine is turned on, you’ll instantly get notified about the same.

Similarly, you’ll be notified about your last parking location, whether the car is parked in your home’s driveway or outside your children’s school, with Parking Alerts you’ll always have peace of mind.

Likewise, Zone Alerts lets you stay connected with your car. Want to know how? By defining a zone, which is also known as the safety zone, you can create a sheltered area for your car. Meaning, anytime your car leaves or enters the predefined zone, your phone will beep!

And what’s more? It’s a one-stop-shop solution which is simple to use, provides Real-Time Data on your driver’s location along with his driving speed, and always cautions you when the speed limit is exceeded.

So, we hope the aforementioned reasons are enough for you to be Letstrack Smart!


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Budget 2019: A Major Boost for Start-Ups

Budget 2019: A Major Boost for Start-Ups

19 Jul 2019
By Letstrack

“Startups are the engine of exponential growth, manifesting the power of innovation. Several large companies are startups of yesterday. They were born with the spirit of enterprise and adventure, kept alive due to hard work and perseverance and today have become shining beacons of innovations.” – Narendra Modi

No wonder the path of entrepreneurship is tough and yet Indian startups have been booming incredibly in the developing economy like ours. Currently, 40,000 startups are on record and to reach the desired number of 100,000 startups disclosed by President Ram Nath Kovind is possible only when Start India 2.0 comes into action.

Tables have turned in favour of the ever-progressing community of India after the budget was released on July 5. As on many occasions, young firms have showcased their desires towards ease of doing business, so that the process of starting a business becomes simpler and raising funds is trouble-free. Rachitta Juneja, CMO, Letstrack, also expressed her views on the same, said she is expecting the procedure of ease of doing businesses to be quickly implemented.

However, the budget is out and indicates the government’s intention to boost ease of doing business for startups. It’s a sigh of relief for all the entrepreneurs who were expecting startup-friendly regulations and policies.

As stated by Economic Times, of the several takeaways for startups, Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman has made it clear that the startups and investors who file requisite declarations will not be subjected to any kind of scrutiny in respect of valuation of share premium. A mechanism of e-verification will be put in place and with this; the funds raised by startups will not require any tax scrutiny.

Indian startup sector has been through a really difficult time, whether it was dealing with the Government levied notices for angel tax or the three major challenges viz. high credit cost, inadequate and untimely funding, and multiple unfavourable regulations.

However, the Modi government this time has strategized everything in a way that regulatory requirements have dwindled and their tax compliance burden has cut down.

Source: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/policy/budget-2019-10-key-takeaways-for-startups-and-msmes/articleshow/70088859.cms

Letstrack AI: Voice that commands your vehicle

Letstrack AI: Voice that commands your vehicle

16 Jul 2019
By Letstrack

With advanced technologies like smartphones, smart televisions and many more the trend of connectivity is on the rise. Today, everybody is connected in one form or another. With the recent tech revolution, connectivity has become easier. Knowing your loved one’s well-being was never this easy.

Letstrack brings you such connectivity with your vehicle anytime from anyplace in the world. With advanced features which not only help you to keep a track on your vehicle but also helps you monitor its health. What makes Letstrack unique and modern is that it has come up with Google Assistant making it the World’s first voice integrated vehicle security company.

Letstrack AI system with Google Assistant makes things much efficient and clever. It lets you know the real-time location on voice command. Meaning it’s effortless and takes place in no time. Due to the device being integrated with voice recognition you can know the location on demand- anytime, anywhere.

With Letstrack AI, command your vehicle at anytime

Letstrack has features like Engine on/off, Engine Cut and so on which can be easily executed without even touching your screen. There are times when one forgets to shut the ignition but with Letstrack AI system you can voice command your car’s ignition to stop.

Moreover, the GPS Tracker also gives you Engine Cut, a feature which lets you cease your engine completely for a brief period of time.

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence which lets users execute their actions on their phones ( ios and android) via voice command. This virtual assistant is able to perform tasks like- search the internet, set alarms, texting and the list goes on. Thus, Letstrack getting interlaced with voice recognition makes features like Speed Alert, Fuel detector and AC status more comfortable to use.

Now, you can just voice command your phones to get your desired work done. Knowing your vehicle’s speed, its fuel consumption and even the status of your air-conditioner, can all be done with the help of voice recognition. 

Today, talking to your car is possible due to Letstrack AI system with Google Assistant. So sit back and command your car and it will all be taken care with Letstrack.


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IoT & Letstrack: Together to take over the world

IoT & Letstrack: Together to take over the world

19 Jun 2019
By Letstrack

Undoubtedly, women and children are more vulnerable to harassment, physical abuses and their safety is the need of an hour. Despite the strict laws against violence, nothing seems to be working. The only hope to improve this dysfunctional safety system of the country is the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT enabled Letstrack smart tracking devices assures the safety of women and children at all times.

If in case the child has not returned to the home or has gone out without informing, at such a troublesome situation, the absence of a personal safety device like Letstrack is a big no-no. A one-stop-shop solution that helps people knows the whereabouts of their children at any time.

In women’s life, a fear that continues to exist is, if they will ever be able to move freely in the odd hours. Since, in difficult times, humans are unable to take apt decisions or respond quickly, the need for an automated device which can proactively sense, react and rescue the woman in trouble is the whole idea behind the creation of IoT enabled Letstrack devices. 

How IoT Is Behind Our Safety

This is quick-witted device comprises of out of the box features, which can also be customized as per one's needs. It can expeditiously send alerts to those who fall under the defined group and have Letstrack Instant Messaging App. 

Sharing real-time location to sending zonal alerts, or the emergency alert (SOS Alert) which women and children in plight can use these, when and where required. 

Illustrating how easily it can make life on the move, safer and much better. IoT enabled Letstrack, help interact with technology with the help of the FREE Messaging App by incorporating the data of both the virtual and the physical world. 

Features which Outsmart All Problems

One of the highlighted features of Letstrack GPS Trackers powered by IoT is that these provide a 24-Hour history of the user by storing all the tracking data; and also recover offline GPS data, meaning, it can track even if the tracking device is offline. Hence, under the protective shield of Letstrack’s, women and children are empowered and safe more than ever.


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Uplifting Asset Tracking In Industrial Markets through IOT

Uplifting Asset Tracking In Industrial Markets through IOT

31 May 2019
By Letstrack

For years, companies with a multitude of valuable assets have had to endure problems that negatively affect their productivity, efficiency, costs, staffing, and a host of other factors that influence their bottom-line. These issues can include theft, damage, safety, poor productivity, loss or any other hindrance that will cause problems for the company or client. To make matters worse, collecting meaningful data was an expensive endeavor. By taking security IOT services from Letstrack GPS will help you track the original location and helps you in fighting the odd.

By creating an automatic bridge to recovery by integrating law enforcement services to retrieve stolen property or when equipment is accidentally sent to incorrect locations.

In the event that it's not evident, there are a bunch of advantages to have IoT-service empowered resource following:

  • Reaching enhanced levels of performance by reducing downtime,
  • Scheduling preventative maintenance,
  • Obtaining real-time intelligence from a remote location, all of these benefits help boost a business’ bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.

Dangerous resources require an additional layer of included security. Spillage of radioactive materials, fuels, chemicals or other volatile materials can cause catastrophic damage to the environment and health of humans and animals alike. Tracking such dangerous materials and movement, specifically in densely-populated areas, is absolutely vital in order to prevent (or contain) a potential disaster.

The company was suffering losses due to the theft of power converters from construction sites, inefficient fuel usage and misallocation of assets to customers. By receiving an associated, Letstrack GPS Tracker empowered resource following arrangement with fuel utilization sensors, organizations have the option to follow their blowers continuously, prompting a decrease of lost item and more joyful customers. By creating an automatic bridge to recovery by integrating law enforcement services to retrieve stolen property or when equipment is accidentally sent to incorrect locations. Feel free to call us on 7827822000 for demo.

IOT - Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies

IOT - Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies

24 May 2019
By Letstrack

An effective strategy can help reduce the impact of cyber security risks and ensure the privacy of data. Additionally, Internet of things data management strategies allows business leaders to reduce costs and implement these solutions efficiently. This data management helps organizations ensure that the challenges faced by Internet of things (IoT) infrastructure do not outweigh its benefits. Here, Letstrack gives you this benefit to live free of worries.


  •   Studies suggest that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase products when businesses provide personalized experiences. With careful analysis, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior. Customer data can be collected over time and paired with machine learning platforms to predict customer needs. For instance, in case a customer orders desserts during a specific time slot using a food delivery app, the app can send various dessert recommendations in that time slot.


  • :  The generation of large data volumes can attract cybercriminals, who wish to gain illegal access to crucial data. Several big players such as Google, Facebook, Marriott, and British Airways have been victims of sophisticated cyber attacks. Sensitive data of hundreds of millions of users was compromised in these cyber attacks. Hackers can also target operational data, which could disable critical processes in an organization.

Various network vulnerabilities and newly-created malware strains can exploit loopholes in an organization’s security protocol to illegally access data. Hackers can also launch automated cyber attacks to hack into an organization’s network.


  • Identify use cases:  Before adopting these GPS tracker, business leaders must identify potential IoT use cases for various business procedures. For instance, a retailer may use Internet of Things data to understand customer behavior, while a manufacturing firm may use it for predictive maintenance. With this approach, business leaders can make informed decisions while choosing these solutions and understand their data storage and management requirements. Feel free to call us at 7827822000 for free demo.

Future Of GPS with IOT

Future Of GPS with IOT

21 May 2019
By Letstrack

The advent of modern technologies such as IOT has helped businesses acquire large volumes of critical customer and operational data. Associations use the procured information for an investigation, upkeep, and improving the efficiency of operations. This trend of aggressive data collection and utilization has led to the rise of data-driven business practices. With data privacy issues making headlines, businesses have to be extremely careful with critical data. Apart from assisting you with locations, GPS has a lot more to offer. The combination of GPS and IOT will transform the movement of goods, people, and the worldwide economy.

Be that as it may, when joined with the IOT gadgets, the GPS innovation can offer outcomes that you probably never imagined. IOT can gather extensive lumps of information from different gadgets.  The data ranges from health records to face recognition. GPS, then again, can follow the area of these and different gadgets. Here’s what’s possible with the combination of GPS and IOT:

  • Smart backpacks help parents locate their kids.
  • Self-driving cars will need the assistance of GPS.
  • GPS, when combined with IOT, will detect theft accurately.

We all know that IOT is an incredible driver of business upheaval. With the help of Letstrack IOT-connected devices, industries gather a lot of data that is then used to draw business insights and to make informed decisions. In this way, IOT helps industries to improve their services. Then again, when GPS is incorporated with IOT, businesses get the careful area of the IOT devices. With the careful area, businesses can draw experiences on what, when, and how things occur. IOT and GPS will together make the tracking of almost objects possible, be it healthcare supplies, luxurious goods, important legal documents, or anything else. With GPS and IOT gadgets cooperating, the way towards the improvement of smarter cities is underway.Letstrack providing the best service in terms of safety and security with the help of IOT.


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IOT enables vehicle following framework

IOT enables vehicle following framework

18 May 2019
By Letstrack

GPS or the Global Positioning Satellite framework has been around well before IOT gadgets came out. While GPS information transmitted to a host over a portable information association is sufficient to track the moment of a vehicle in real time. Its Letstrack here to help you out when it comes to tracking, security and safety.

IOT basically makes Vehicle Tracking arrangements significantly progressively productive, prudent, automated, and reliable. This how an IOT based common armada following framework works:

  • Area information gathered by on-vehicle sensors, including GPS, OBD II sensors.
  • Information from all sensors is intermittently sent to the nearby door over a versatile information association as the vehicle moves.
  • The portal sends data to a system server where speed, area, course are available.
  • Application server sends reports and alerts on movement and safety of the vehicle to the driver’s or supervisor’s mobile.

IOT Devices, otherwise called Connected Devices, are ordinary family and commercial appliances and gadgets, except you can connect and control them over a network: a personal network or the internet. Truly, you can switch on your Air Conditioner with your cell phone from anyplace if both are connected to the internet. But that’s only a smaller part of what Connected Devices can achieve.

Benefits of IOT in fleet management:

  • Booking, cargo the board, driver and truck following, and successful directing are some advantages of Internet of Things.
  • IOT underpins outsider APIs for traffic announcing, park-help, normal speed, driving manners observing and so on.
  • Logistic companies can move to the cloud for their daily operations and track fleets anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Aggregate information from IOT gadgets help armada the board organizations to get important Insights into chauffeur behavior, acts of law breaking by the driver, over-speeding etc.

Legitimate utilization of IOT shrivels absolute expenses by ideal utilization of assets and improved execution. Assembling, sharing, and following up on constant information helps a firm settle on fast choices and brief upgrades. Tracking the valuable things and loved ones will now be easy because it’s Letstrack that makes it easy for you to track and led back relaxed.


Voice Integrated GPS Tracker with Google Assistant

Voice Integrated GPS Tracker with Google Assistant

23 Apr 2019
By Letstrack

It’s always good to know that your Google Assistant is always ready to help when and where you need it. Manage your schedule, get help with everyday tasks, control smart-home devices, enjoy your entertainment, and also ensure the safety of your vehicle and of your loved ones and much more.

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile devices. Google Assistant allows users to activate and modify vocal shortcut commands in order to perform actions on their device (both android and iOS) or configuring it as a hub for home automation. Users primarily interact with Google Assistant through natural voice, though keyboard input is also supported. In the same nature and manner as Google Now, the Assistant is able to search the Internet, schedule events and alarms, adjust hardware settings on the user's device, and show information from the user's Google account.

Google assistant is also used for locating your vehicle and their placements. For example if you want to know about your vehicle’s movement you can easily do it with Letstrack AI tracking system and know about the accurate location of your vehicle and about your loved ones.

Assistant is available on devices that are able to take voice as input such as Android or iOS phones, smart watches, Pixel book laptops, Android smart TVs/displays and Android auto-enabled cars. Users can also type commands to Assistant when quiet is needed in places like libraries.

Now letstrack has come up with Google assistant which is what lead Letstrack GPS Trackers have become the “world's first voice integrated vehicle security company” which provides you the accurate location of your loved ones or your expensive vehicles, also it has the ability to tell you the correct speed limit, setting up the limit of driving on road, can control the ignition system also helps you out to know where your vehicle is at that time. You can talk to your car and vehicle. This what made easy for people to actually sit back and relax and let letstrack take the responsibility and do the best of their work.


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World's first voice integrated vehicle Security Company


19 Apr 2019
By Letstrack

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could speak to your car and to get the status or information about anything? While we may not be able to have a meaningful conversation with our car just yet, it’s now a possibility to talk to your car and request for desired information. We are here giving a short introduction to how this can be accomplished using the Letstrack AI system. With the help of Google Assistant, it will be like an active voice software for your car and thus the requests you give your vehicle once executed the request can feel like you are in Knight Rider.

It has registered itself as the World's First Voice Integrated Vehicle Security Company that will help you know the status of your vehicle and know about their accurate location. With Google Assistant you can now easily track your vehicle and the people sitting in that particular vehicle. Apart from this, it will be easy to know about the accurate status of the system working in your car like ignition, air condition if it’s properly working or it is on/off.

Sitting wherever it will be easily accessible for you to know about your car’s speed limit and you can very easily control it and also it sets your engine off or on according to the requirement. Not only this, Letstrack AI with Google assistant has made easy for one person to know the correct time of reaching the destination. Earlier we use to search anything on Google by typing but now it’s easy to just speak and instruct the vehicle and it will work according to your wish.

Letstrack is a successful Real-Time GPS Tracking & Messaging app to track your loved ones. You can track your loved ones and automobiles like cars, bike, and van with a voice integrated GPS tracking solution. By using this new innovation you will get a lot of amazing experiences that you always thought of having associated with your vehicle. 

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