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Keep your loved ones safe with Letstrack Nazar Battu

Keep your loved ones safe with Letstrack Nazar Battu

15 Jun 2018 By Letstrack

Today the superstition might not exist anymore, but there certainly are buri nazars lurking around every corner of our cities watching us as we take our every step. In order to protect and safeguard us, LetsTrack has come up with the modern-day digital nazar battu.  Letstrack’s varied and extensive range of GPS tracking devices coupled with powerful software acts as a protection shield from the things that which cast an evil eye upon our well-being and safety. So be it buri nazar on your school going kids, cherished car or trucking business, never let a prying eye on them with LetsTrack’s digital nazar battu. The ability to know where and how your staff, family and vehicles are will transform your life and your business, making your loved ones feel safer and closer and making your businesses more efficient and effective at the same time.

Buri nazar, or evil eye in English, is a legend that has been passed down since the very onset of time. The concept of buri nazar exists in different forms in different cultures. For example, in the Turkish region where light colored eyes are uncommon, people with green eyes are thought to have the curse of evil eye, whereas in the Western countries it simply means glaring at someone in anger or disgust. But around the globe it is believed that receiving the evil eye can cause injury or misfortune.

Obstacles to repeal the evil eye have existed just as long as the concept of buri nazar has, and yet again it appears differently across cultures. Orthodox methods to ward off the evil eye are commonly associated with the Islamic culture, so rather than forthright appreciation it is customary to say Mashallah, which means “God has willed it”. Today when we say or hear the word nazar battu, we associate it with the concentric circles or teardrop shape in dark blue, white, light blue and black color. It is seen as a popular tourist souvenir, and is often hung in homes, offices, cars, children’s clothing, or incorporated in jewellery and ornaments.

The ultimate mission of LetsTrack is to provide outstanding customer experience by the virtue of trail-blazing technological advancements and innovations. And in effect, LetsTrack nazar battu makes the world a safer place to live in by humanizing technology.