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Using IoT Data to Forecast Inventory Demand and Prevent Stockouts

Using IoT Data to Forecast Inventory Demand and Prevent Stockouts

05 May 2023 By Letstrack

Inventory management is a critical function for any business, as it directly impacts the bottom line. The goal of inventory management is to ensure that the right products are available in the right quantities at the right time while minimizing costs and reducing waste. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized inventory management by providing real-time data that can be used to improve demand forecasting and prevent stockouts.

IoT refers to a network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity that allows them to connect and exchange data. In inventory management, IoT devices can be used to monitor stock levels, track sales trends, and predict future demand. This data can be analyzed to improve inventory management processes and make more informed decisions about purchasing and replenishment.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using IoT data for inventory demand forecasting in more detail.


Using IoT Data for Inventory Demand Forecasting

Inventory demand forecasting is an essential part of inventory management, and it involves predicting the demand for products to avoid stockouts and overstocking. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses can now collect vast amounts of data from connected devices and use it to make more accurate predictions about inventory demand.


One of the key advantages of using IoT data for inventory demand forecasting is the real-time nature of the data. IoT sensors can track inventory levels, sales, and other factors in real time, providing up-to-date information that can be used to make better predictions. This real-time data can also help businesses respond more quickly to changes in demand, allowing them to adjust their inventory levels accordingly.


IoT data can also be used to create more detailed and accurate demand profiles for different products. By analyzing data from IoT sensors, businesses can identify patterns in customer behavior, such as which products are most popular at certain times of the year or which products are frequently purchased together. This information can be used to create more accurate demand profiles for each product, which can then be used to make better inventory decisions.


Another advantage of using IoT data for inventory demand forecasting is the ability to collect data from multiple sources. IoT sensors can be placed in various locations, such as warehouses, retail stores, and distribution centers, to collect data from different stages of the supply chain. This allows businesses to get a more comprehensive view of their inventory levels and demand patterns, which can lead to better inventory management.


Additionally, using IoT data for inventory demand forecasting can lead to reduced costs and increased efficiency. By making more accurate predictions about inventory demand, businesses can avoid overstocking and understocking, which can lead to reduced costs associated with excess inventory and lost sales. This can also lead to increased efficiency in the supply chain, as businesses can more effectively manage their inventory levels and reduce the need for manual intervention.



In conclusion, the use of IoT data for inventory demand forecasting can significantly improve inventory management and prevent stockouts. With real-time data collection and analysis, businesses can make informed decisions about inventory levels and ensure that they always have the right amount of stock on hand.

Letstrack offers a range of IoT-connected devices and software solutions specifically designed for inventory management. Our products are easy to use and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. With real-time data collection and analysis, you can make informed decisions about inventory levels and prevent stockouts.

Don't let stockouts hurt your business. Contact Letstrack today to learn more about how our IoT solutions can help you improve your inventory management and stay ahead of the competition.

What 5G means for IoT? How far is 5G and what it would mean for IoT

What 5G means for IoT? How far is 5G and what it would mean for IoT

05 Mar 2020 By Letstrack

It’s been quite some time that the hype around 5G and its relation to the internet of things (IoT) has been growing exponentially. So far, a number of service providers have said that 5G will be the next-generation mobile network that provides everything from superfast bandwidth speeds, to ultra-low latency, to ten-times the geographic coverage. But when and how it translates into real life is something we’ve all been eagerly waiting for.

However, one of the biggest things we have yet to decode is what all this means for enterprises that work in IoT, typically what’s lacking is the real substance and clarity. While the buzz is ever-increasing, this has the potential to fundamentally transform mobile-cellular networks. But despite the narrative that’s being spread that 5G is just around the corner, it’s still in early deployment stages.

In reality, deployment of 5G might not see the light of day anytime soon. One of the biggest concerns is that 5G lacks a solid definition, which means cellular providers could eventually label a slightly-faster-than-LTE connection as 5G. Once the global infrastructure is in place, only then can 5G actually bring about a change. To actually tap into the complete potential of what it can do for us, the policymakers and governments will have to work with private companies. Companies like Letstrack that have already worked with Govt. and shown what they can do will get a push. As the world’s only company with AI-enabled GPS Security Devices, Letstrack is also looking forward to the advent of 5G. It will not only give them more space to explore their already impressive line of features but enhance their vision of – ‘Everything that moves can be tracked’. The coming years are going to be interesting, as we see IoT become mainstream, and also to see what innovations companies like Letstrack come out with.


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The Two-in-One LT Track and Charger

The Two-in-One LT Track and Charger

05 Dec 2019 By Letstrack

Smart devices bring so much convenience in our lives that we have become technologically way ahead. Today the cutting edge technology in-car accessories have redefined the driving experiences. Not just adding these features bring life to the vehicle but also make its interior significantly more appealing. These accessories do not signify a person's pretentious side instead showcases his bright side. Because people only like to invest in the right accessories, which eventually help them in a critical situation.

 Car Chargers, Car Mobile Phone Holders, AUX Cables, Car perfume, Portable Tyre Inflator are some of those essential accessories. In contrast to this, GPS trackers still have not become a part of the aforementioned list. However, with the growing necessity and emerging cautiousness among the owners, they are now opting to equip their vehicles with GPS tracking devices.

  Now, get Letstrack LT track and charger, which serves two significant purposes at a time, first- track the vehicle, and second- charges the mobile phones. Our phones play a very vital role in our lives. It keeps us connected with our dear ones, plays our favorite tracks via Bluetooth streaming, and guides our route through navigation map. As a result, its battery heavily suffers and gets drained quickly.

 WHAT LT track and charger offers?

It's Universal USB ports enable it to charge almost any phone, thus, makes the ride so much better.

Charges 2 devices at a time, so not just you but your family members can also charge their devices at the same time. This facility brings so much peace of mind and convenience.

 Charger cum hidden GPS tracker empowers the smart owners to play the trick smartly; they can know the whereabouts of their car anytime.

 Outwit the driver; the driver will never know his activities are being watched. Real-time location, driving speed, his behavior, number of halts taken, and what not can be looked into via LT track and charger.


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Letstrack: Real-Time Location for Fleet Management

Letstrack: Real-Time Location for Fleet Management

26 Jul 2019 By Letstrack

Today, it is hard to imagine our life without technology and when it comes to the corporate world, many are still rolling their businesses on paperwork. However, with the advent of technology, firms can be way more efficient and push their businesses to new heights.

One of the advanced GPS Security Systems, Letstrack brings you revolutionary devices which are packed with vital features such as Real-time location. This feature has benefitted businesses of thousands of fleet owners across the globe. The feature not only lets the fleet owners know about the real-location of the vehicles but helps in obtaining maximum profits from their business. How, you may ask? Listing out some points for you all to ponder upon-

Letstrack enables fuel-efficiency:

Once installed in your vehicles, it does wonder, when it comes to checking fuel efficiency. The feature of Real-time location helps you keep a track on your driver’s route. Meaning, you can easily check and restrain idling. It can also keep an eye on the AC status via its AC alert. It is needless to say that these factors account heavily for higher consumption of fuel, affecting your business.

Letstrack keeps an eye on Driver’s behaviour:

This State-of-the-art device is quick in detecting over-speeding. ‘Speed Alert’ does its job well by informing the speed limit to the manager. Over-speeding and rash driving comprise one of the major benefactors in higher fuel consumption, giving a hard time to the owners. All the notifications and alerts enable him to analyse the data through a Value Screen on his Letstrack Mobile App.

Letstrack is pocket-friendly:

Before using Letstrack GPS Device, we all had no choice but to rely upon our driver’s words for their arrival and departure logging details. But now, Letstrack has turned around our lives! Real-time tracking also informs the owners about the unauthorised use of their vehicles in non-working hours, warning the manager and allowing to take action.

Letstrack is anti-theft:

Not only Letstrack comes with Anti-theft alarm but it's Real-time location can help you recover your vehicle in no time, keeping your vehicle always safe, even when it is not under your watch.

So, for all the Fleet owners who are worrying about their logistics business, go get your Letstrack GPS Tracker now!


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Letstrack AI: Voice that commands your vehicle

Letstrack AI: Voice that commands your vehicle

16 Jul 2019 By Letstrack

With advanced technologies like smartphones, smart televisions and many more the trend of connectivity is on the rise. Today, everybody is connected in one form or another. With the recent tech revolution, connectivity has become easier. Knowing your loved one’s well-being was never this easy.

Letstrack brings you such connectivity with your vehicle anytime from anyplace in the world. With advanced features which not only help you to keep a track on your vehicle but also helps you monitor its health. What makes Letstrack unique and modern is that it has come up with Google Assistant making it the World’s first voice integrated vehicle security company.

Letstrack AI system with Google Assistant makes things much efficient and clever. It lets you know the real-time location on voice command. Meaning it’s effortless and takes place in no time. Due to the device being integrated with voice recognition you can know the location on demand- anytime, anywhere.

With Letstrack AI, command your vehicle at anytime

Letstrack has features like Engine on/off, Engine Cut and so on which can be easily executed without even touching your screen. There are times when one forgets to shut the ignition but with Letstrack AI system you can voice command your car’s ignition to stop.

Moreover, the GPS Tracker also gives you Engine Cut, a feature which lets you cease your engine completely for a brief period of time.

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence which lets users execute their actions on their phones ( ios and android) via voice command. This virtual assistant is able to perform tasks like- search the internet, set alarms, texting and the list goes on. Thus, Letstrack getting interlaced with voice recognition makes features like Speed Alert, Fuel detector and AC status more comfortable to use.

Now, you can just voice command your phones to get your desired work done. Knowing your vehicle’s speed, its fuel consumption and even the status of your air-conditioner, can all be done with the help of voice recognition. 

Today, talking to your car is possible due to Letstrack AI system with Google Assistant. So sit back and command your car and it will all be taken care with Letstrack.


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Attention Parents: Now track your children while they are at school

Attention Parents: Now track your children while they are at school

22 Jun 2019 By Letstrack

Growing social crimes have taken a toll on the mind of all parents, as children’s safety has become a major concern to them. Sending off their kids to school in the transport provided by the school or the public one, in either case, safety is not guaranteed. Moreover, THEY HAVE NO IDEA IF THEIR KID HAS REACHED SCHOOL OR NO. But what would parents do then? Who would they turn to? What is the solution? The answer is Letstrack, a win-win solution to all their miseries. 

Uniquely designed by keeping all the basic yet necessary and important needs in mind, Letstrack tracking devices are available both in the markets and online. Its GPS is coupled with Google AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), making it most advanced of its kind. Provides the real-time location of the school bus and various other alerts depending on the device is being used. One thing that stands apart Letstrack from all other tracking devices is its – Customization facility. 

Letstrack: Behind every kid’s safety

This smartly designed device, acts as a protective shield in the life of all kids, safeguarding them from the world of danger. By adopting this, parents can- 

Know their real-time location

Which parent will not be happy to know the exact location of their kid? Being updated on if the child is still at school or in the school bus heading home is nothing but a sigh of relief. With real-time location feature, they can know the exact location instantly.

Get their travel details

Parents will know the boarding/de-boarding of their kids from the school bus in the school premises or at the bus stop. In case the child de-boards on the wrong stop, an alert will be sent to the parents instantly.

Stay informed on kids’ reaching home

Using Letstrack tracking app, parents can create zones to track their kids and get alert every time whenever the kid enters or exits the designated area or zone.  

Know the speed limit of the school bus

One of the most sought after feature of this gps device is it let parents know the speed of the school bus along with the behavior of the bus driver. Also, the number of halts taken by the school bus and hence helps both the parents and school authority.

Get a warning

The parents can know the route taken by the school bus, traffic jam on the same or about any breakdown and in the worst case can send an alert on accidents too.

Live in the peace of mind

By proving the assurance of safety features that can change and save lives of our innocent children; bring the peace of mind that every parent deserves.


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When your vehicle meets the Internet of Things

When your vehicle meets the Internet of Things

11 Jun 2019 By Letstrack

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), life has become way easy that too beyond our imagination.  As the name IoT itself suggests, it is the master of every gadget we own. It is the future we all can look up to. Working on the machine-to-machine mechanism, together IoT and location tracking sensors such as GPS Tracker have put an end to the issues of personal security and vehicle tracking. 

Its ability to track fleets and vehicles in real time shows its true calibre. However, we all know, we have no control over bad events, if something has to happen, it will happen, no matter where ever we are.

Imagine, one dark night, your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you’re stuck with your family. Unfortunately, apart from praying to end such a dreadful night, you have no option left to give a try. No wonder, at such circumstances, technological backwardness is realized. But today with the advent of IoT technology tables have turned.

This unique software platform works together with location-based sensors and security services which are designed in a way that it can detect and sense the issue and deliver the help ASAP. Taking the leverage of the location sensing ability of our phones, together IoT and GPS do their job. And, not only have the vehicles made the most of these services, but the high-value assets carrying fleets have also equivalently been benefitted.

Yes, it’s happening now! Get one for your car, click here

In fact, as per some predictions, by 2021 there will be 28 million connected objects in the world. Soon we’ll be a part of the hyper-connected globe, surrounded with an ecosystem of information. 

Needless to say, the advent of IoT has shaken up the automotive industry entirely; the digital world has transformed the picture of automotive space. To get into the deeper picture of the benefits, read How an IoT based GPS tracking system works.


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Uplifting Asset Tracking In Industrial Markets through IOT

Uplifting Asset Tracking In Industrial Markets through IOT

31 May 2019 By Letstrack

For years, companies with a multitude of valuable assets have had to endure problems that negatively affect their productivity, efficiency, costs, staffing, and a host of other factors that influence their bottom-line. These issues can include theft, damage, safety, poor productivity, loss or any other hindrance that will cause problems for the company or client. To make matters worse, collecting meaningful data was an expensive endeavor. By taking security IOT services from Letstrack GPS will help you track the original location and helps you in fighting the odd.

By creating an automatic bridge to recovery by integrating law enforcement services to retrieve stolen property or when equipment is accidentally sent to incorrect locations.

In the event that it's not evident, there are a bunch of advantages to have IoT-service empowered resource following:

  • Reaching enhanced levels of performance by reducing downtime,
  • Scheduling preventative maintenance,
  • Obtaining real-time intelligence from a remote location, all of these benefits help boost a business’ bottom line and improve customer satisfaction.

Dangerous resources require an additional layer of included security. Spillage of radioactive materials, fuels, chemicals or other volatile materials can cause catastrophic damage to the environment and health of humans and animals alike. Tracking such dangerous materials and movement, specifically in densely-populated areas, is absolutely vital in order to prevent (or contain) a potential disaster.

The company was suffering losses due to the theft of power converters from construction sites, inefficient fuel usage and misallocation of assets to customers. By receiving an associated, Letstrack GPS Tracker empowered resource following arrangement with fuel utilization sensors, organizations have the option to follow their blowers continuously, prompting a decrease of lost item and more joyful customers. By creating an automatic bridge to recovery by integrating law enforcement services to retrieve stolen property or when equipment is accidentally sent to incorrect locations. Feel free to call us on 7827822000 for demo.

IOT - Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies

IOT - Benefits, Challenges, and Strategies

24 May 2019 By Letstrack

An effective strategy can help reduce the impact of cyber security risks and ensure the privacy of data. Additionally, Internet of things data management strategies allows business leaders to reduce costs and implement these solutions efficiently. This data management helps organizations ensure that the challenges faced by Internet of things (IoT) infrastructure do not outweigh its benefits. Here, Letstrack gives you this benefit to live free of worries.


  •   Studies suggest that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase products when businesses provide personalized experiences. With careful analysis, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior. Customer data can be collected over time and paired with machine learning platforms to predict customer needs. For instance, in case a customer orders desserts during a specific time slot using a food delivery app, the app can send various dessert recommendations in that time slot.


  • :  The generation of large data volumes can attract cybercriminals, who wish to gain illegal access to crucial data. Several big players such as Google, Facebook, Marriott, and British Airways have been victims of sophisticated cyber attacks. Sensitive data of hundreds of millions of users was compromised in these cyber attacks. Hackers can also target operational data, which could disable critical processes in an organization.

Various network vulnerabilities and newly-created malware strains can exploit loopholes in an organization’s security protocol to illegally access data. Hackers can also launch automated cyber attacks to hack into an organization’s network.


  • Identify use cases:  Before adopting these GPS tracker, business leaders must identify potential IoT use cases for various business procedures. For instance, a retailer may use Internet of Things data to understand customer behavior, while a manufacturing firm may use it for predictive maintenance. With this approach, business leaders can make informed decisions while choosing these solutions and understand their data storage and management requirements. Feel free to call us at 7827822000 for free demo.

Future Of GPS with IOT

Future Of GPS with IOT

21 May 2019 By Letstrack

The advent of modern technologies such as IOT has helped businesses acquire large volumes of critical customer and operational data. Associations use the procured information for an investigation, upkeep, and improving the efficiency of operations. This trend of aggressive data collection and utilization has led to the rise of data-driven business practices. With data privacy issues making headlines, businesses have to be extremely careful with critical data. Apart from assisting you with locations, GPS has a lot more to offer. The combination of GPS and IOT will transform the movement of goods, people, and the worldwide economy.

Be that as it may, when joined with the IOT gadgets, the GPS innovation can offer outcomes that you probably never imagined. IOT can gather extensive lumps of information from different gadgets.  The data ranges from health records to face recognition. GPS, then again, can follow the area of these and different gadgets. Here’s what’s possible with the combination of GPS and IOT:

  • Smart backpacks help parents locate their kids.
  • Self-driving cars will need the assistance of GPS.
  • GPS, when combined with IOT, will detect theft accurately.

We all know that IOT is an incredible driver of business upheaval. With the help of Letstrack IOT-connected devices, industries gather a lot of data that is then used to draw business insights and to make informed decisions. In this way, IOT helps industries to improve their services. Then again, when GPS is incorporated with IOT, businesses get the careful area of the IOT devices. With the careful area, businesses can draw experiences on what, when, and how things occur. IOT and GPS will together make the tracking of almost objects possible, be it healthcare supplies, luxurious goods, important legal documents, or anything else. With GPS and IOT gadgets cooperating, the way towards the improvement of smarter cities is underway.Letstrack providing the best service in terms of safety and security with the help of IOT.


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IOT enables vehicle following framework

IOT enables vehicle following framework

18 May 2019 By Letstrack

GPS or the Global Positioning Satellite framework has been around well before IOT gadgets came out. While GPS information transmitted to a host over a portable information association is sufficient to track the moment of a vehicle in real time. Its Letstrack here to help you out when it comes to tracking, security and safety.

IOT basically makes Vehicle Tracking arrangements significantly progressively productive, prudent, automated, and reliable. This how an IOT based common armada following framework works:

  • Area information gathered by on-vehicle sensors, including GPS, OBD II sensors.
  • Information from all sensors is intermittently sent to the nearby door over a versatile information association as the vehicle moves.
  • The portal sends data to a system server where speed, area, course are available.
  • Application server sends reports and alerts on movement and safety of the vehicle to the driver’s or supervisor’s mobile.

IOT Devices, otherwise called Connected Devices, are ordinary family and commercial appliances and gadgets, except you can connect and control them over a network: a personal network or the internet. Truly, you can switch on your Air Conditioner with your cell phone from anyplace if both are connected to the internet. But that’s only a smaller part of what Connected Devices can achieve.

Benefits of IOT in fleet management:

  • Booking, cargo the board, driver and truck following, and successful directing are some advantages of Internet of Things.
  • IOT underpins outsider APIs for traffic announcing, park-help, normal speed, driving manners observing and so on.
  • Logistic companies can move to the cloud for their daily operations and track fleets anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Aggregate information from IOT gadgets help armada the board organizations to get important Insights into chauffeur behavior, acts of law breaking by the driver, over-speeding etc.

Legitimate utilization of IOT shrivels absolute expenses by ideal utilization of assets and improved execution. Assembling, sharing, and following up on constant information helps a firm settle on fast choices and brief upgrades. Tracking the valuable things and loved ones will now be easy because it’s Letstrack that makes it easy for you to track and led back relaxed.


Voice Integrated GPS Tracker with Google Assistant

Voice Integrated GPS Tracker with Google Assistant

23 Apr 2019 By Letstrack

It’s always good to know that your Google Assistant is always ready to help when and where you need it. Manage your schedule, get help with everyday tasks, control smart-home devices, enjoy your entertainment, and also ensure the safety of your vehicle and of your loved ones and much more.

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile devices. Google Assistant allows users to activate and modify vocal shortcut commands in order to perform actions on their device (both android and iOS) or configuring it as a hub for home automation. Users primarily interact with Google Assistant through natural voice, though keyboard input is also supported. In the same nature and manner as Google Now, the Assistant is able to search the Internet, schedule events and alarms, adjust hardware settings on the user's device, and show information from the user's Google account.

Google assistant is also used for locating your vehicle and their placements. For example if you want to know about your vehicle’s movement you can easily do it with Letstrack AI tracking system and know about the accurate location of your vehicle and about your loved ones.

Assistant is available on devices that are able to take voice as input such as Android or iOS phones, smart watches, Pixel book laptops, Android smart TVs/displays and Android auto-enabled cars. Users can also type commands to Assistant when quiet is needed in places like libraries.

Now letstrack has come up with Google assistant which is what lead Letstrack GPS Trackers have become the “world's first voice integrated vehicle security company” which provides you the accurate location of your loved ones or your expensive vehicles, also it has the ability to tell you the correct speed limit, setting up the limit of driving on road, can control the ignition system also helps you out to know where your vehicle is at that time. You can talk to your car and vehicle. This what made easy for people to actually sit back and relax and let letstrack take the responsibility and do the best of their work.


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