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Control Fleet Fuel Cost in the Midst of Rising Petrol Prices


The price of Gas is increasing day by day. So controlling the fuel costs is one of the important factors for fleet businesses and a point of think for the owners and managers of fleets. No one can stop the rising gasoline and diesel prices but we can do the fuel cost cutting in this case too. There a lot of ways to do this. Some of them are given below-

Low vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair of fleet vehicles play a very important role in fuel cost cutting. If fleet vehicles are well maintained then consumption of fuel will be low. If not then it will be very high. For this reason, fuel costs are going to hike and eventually impact the company’s revenue.  Regular repair and maintenance of fleet assets are must to reduce fuel consumption.

Unqualified Staff

Qualification of staffs’ mainly drivers’ also very important for high fuel cost. If drivers are not well qualified, they are likely to idle or even lose directions from time to time. They do not have the right direction from their head and hence they need to spend more time moving to and fro from the exact destination.

Install GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is one of the best ways of tracking and analysis of fuel consumption. Apart from this, GPS tracking also helps in route analysis which is also a major factor for fuel uses. There many other benefits of GPS tracking that are very helpful in fuel cost and uses in fleet vehicles. Some of the main benefits are as follows-

Speed Alert/Tracking – Driving vehicle above a speed limit increase the consumption of fuel and eventually fuel cost. With the help of GPS, you can get an alert if the vehicle crosses the speed limit. It will help you to take the right decision at right time.

Misuse of Vehicle - You can track the location of vehicles anytime so no chances of misuse of the vehicle and extra uses of fuel.

Monitor Laziness of Drivers- Current Location Tracking - Right route will help in many ways to reduce fuel cost. If a driver does not take assigned route you can know about it by vehicle location tracking feature of GPS.


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