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Do You Really Think Your Fleet Drivers Stop on Red Signal?


Fleet businesses are highly depending on the vehicles and drivers. Companies trust their drivers.  Most of the drivers in business and personal life follow the rules of the road. But think about the situation when your vehicle is just going to cross a road light and it is yellow now and going to turn into red. Most people try to cross it and never stop the vehicle. They may be late for an appointment or behind the time, they speed up, risking their safety and lives of other people.

Drivers who did not stop on red light create more risk for your company and for your community. Keeping these risks in mind, the government of each nation also made some rules for safer roads partnered with companies across the country to raise awareness of the risks of running red lights during National Stop on Red Week.

This does not risk only for four wheeler drivers. According to a survey, 50% of people in these accidents are pedestrians, bicyclists, and occupants in other cars.  The reason for all of these accidents is aggressive driving.  

Now, how do you confirm your drivers are not doing this?  The impacts on common men safety as well as your risk, vehicles safety, company expenses, and company reputation make this a vital problem to resolve. Here are some ideas for owners and managers-

Safety is the first priority –One of the ways to reduce or eliminate aggressive driving behavior is to give higher priority to safety and continuous training related to this to drivers. Praise the drivers that follow the safety rules and scores high.

Use Advanced Technology- You can use GPS fleet tracking solutions that send updates to you and employees as alerts they exhibit aggressive behaviors. You can see the full report of aggressive behaviors, sudden acceleration, including speeding, hard braking and cornering. After getting complete idea about each driver you can easily detect aggressive driving and make policies to control it. 

Rewards for best Driving- You can install GPS tracker for this purpose. You will get complete details about the driving behaviors of drivers and reward to drivers that work well. Changing safe driving into healthy competition in your staffs create a fun, engaging on the road experience of staffs.

Every driver is responsible for his safety and safety of others on the road, not only during a stop on red but in daily routine.  We know it very well the effects of aggressive driving on the business reputation too. If you want to control these operations and looking for advanced technologies such as GPS fleet tracking solutions then we are ready for you.


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