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In India we are all aware of the importance that transportation holds in our daily life whether we are travelling in the city or outside the city, we always consider safety as our priority for us and for our loved ones. Keeping our safety in mind Letstrack GPS Trackers is making it easier for us so that we can travel from one place to another without any worries. So as to increment and guarantee the effectiveness of the vehicle framework the legislature of India as designed an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard -140.

The intelligent transport system (ITS) is a much needed requirement of the world of vehicles. The vehicles out and about are expanding every day and in this way there is a need of government rules which indicate the crisis and wellbeing measures that should be proposed in a wide range of open transport systems. These incorporate a wide range of rail, street, air and water transportation modules to be fitted with AIS-140 GPS gadgets.

The extent of ITS incorporates different applications, for example, traffic the board and travel the board, open transport the executives, data the executives, electronic installment, business vehicle tasks, and crisis the board.AIS-140 GPS Devices are needed for:

  • Inner city public transport systems: Inward city transport frameworks work inside the city and have fixed and dynamic courses yet their activity is a short separation, in this manner, contingent upon the quantity of travelers sitting, the crisis catches are introduced and associated with the control focus.
  • Emergency management:   Picture this circumstance, there is an emergency vehicle stuck in rush hour gridlock and it needs to move rapidly. Using the ITS and especially the emergency buttons it can contact the control center which can work with traffic management to make sure that there is better emergency management. This will also help and control the misuse of emergency vehicles.

Letstrack AIS 140 is our future to secure our lives and of our loved ones too. It’s Hi-Tech innovation and very useful when you are really in problem and also it helps you locate the accurate location of a particular person and your vehicle. For free demo call us at 7827822000.


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