This is your chance to save big on Insurance claims


Integrated with several features to help Insurance companies save claims and know driving history and other details of the insurer. It is a certainly a great bet!

Why LT Insurance?

With Letstrack GPS Tracking system, you can monitor the car routines of the insurer on roads or their driving habits or any accidents, at the same time ensuring that it is being put to optimum use and providing increased productivity.

Easily capture and record all the vehicle activities and know the exact no. of minor/major accidents.

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Verify Attendance

With a just single, mark & verify attendance

Easy Excel Formatting

Say bye to maintaining registers and dilution in attendance.

Automated Attendance

Download automated attendance report daily/ monthly.

Email Alerts

Regular e-mails for latest attendance updates.

Login / Logout Details

Login & Logout details to monitor attendance online.

Prevents False Attendance

check on proxy attendance and easy download of automated attendance report.


What they say about us?

How it works
  • Go to mobile settings and Turn On the mobile GPS option.
  • Go to Letstrack app's ‘Me’ screen
  • Click on the attendance button to plug in your Login details
  • Click on the attendance button again to plug in your Logout details
  • Go to Letstrack web login to monitor the attendance of your employees.
  • Get Daily/Monthly attendance report, Login and Logout time

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