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Know your driver’s behaviour through AIS 140


No matter whether the distance is short or long the way the driver drives the vehicles can make a difference of life and death for the people around, the driver himself and even the business. Hence the need for continuously monitoring the driver behaviour at all times. Driver behaviour monitoring can help in many ways:

• Ensuring the safety of the vehicles

• Increasing the efficiency of the fleet

• Prolonged vehicle life

• Fewer accidents and repair expenses

• Planning future fleets and traffic management

• Road planning

The driver is not only responsible for just driving the vehicle from one place to another it also includes taking full responsibility for the vehicle. Letstrack AIS 140 includes systems to monitor the vehicle health online which can help the driver take immediate and corrective measures which reduce the off route time for the vehicle. The sensing phase includes inputs of the driver behaviour from various sources such as sensors that are installed in the vehicle. The data is stored in real time and non-real time which can be used later.

The reasoning phase includes analyzing the data collected by various sensors at regular intervals. Pattern recognition techniques, statistical calculations and generative models are used to analyze the driver behaviour. The results are compiled to improve vehicle design, human-machine interaction, emergency assistance and road designing.

The main aim of Letstrack AIS 140 standards includes driver behaviour in its system is to ensure that the roads are safe for everyone at all times using intelligent transportation systems. Having a set model of driver behaviour analysis under AIS 140 standards will enable the country to predict and recognize driver preferences to provide better adaptive assistance.For free demo call us at 7827822000.


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