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Letstrack AI: Voice that commands your vehicle


With advanced technologies like smartphones, smart televisions and many more the trend of connectivity is on the rise. Today, everybody is connected in one form or another. With the recent tech revolution, connectivity has become easier. Knowing your loved one’s well-being was never this easy.

Letstrack brings you such connectivity with your vehicle anytime from anyplace in the world. With advanced features which not only help you to keep a track on your vehicle but also helps you monitor its health. What makes Letstrack unique and modern is that it has come up with Google Assistant making it the World’s first voice integrated vehicle security company.

Letstrack AI system with Google Assistant makes things much efficient and clever. It lets you know the real-time location on voice command. Meaning it’s effortless and takes place in no time. Due to the device being integrated with voice recognition you can know the location on demand- anytime, anywhere.

With Letstrack AI, command your vehicle at anytime

Letstrack has features like Engine on/off, Engine Cut and so on which can be easily executed without even touching your screen. There are times when one forgets to shut the ignition but with Letstrack AI system you can voice command your car’s ignition to stop.

Moreover, the GPS Tracker also gives you Engine Cut, a feature which lets you cease your engine completely for a brief period of time.

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence which lets users execute their actions on their phones ( ios and android) via voice command. This virtual assistant is able to perform tasks like- search the internet, set alarms, texting and the list goes on. Thus, Letstrack getting interlaced with voice recognition makes features like Speed Alert, Fuel detector and AC status more comfortable to use.

Now, you can just voice command your phones to get your desired work done. Knowing your vehicle’s speed, its fuel consumption and even the status of your air-conditioner, can all be done with the help of voice recognition. 

Today, talking to your car is possible due to Letstrack AI system with Google Assistant. So sit back and command your car and it will all be taken care with Letstrack.


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