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FAQ's - Letstrack Web


The Web Version of 'Letstrack' is meant to assist ineffective management of fleets/cars and your workforce. It provides a detailed and a complete platform/control panel to all commercial/non-commercial users. It can be used to control the locations of their belongings, assets, teams, etc.

Unlike the Mobile App, it allows the user more detailed Information like the time spent on onelocation and then collating the sales numbers on to the location to improve day to day decision making.
To use the web version of Letstrack you need to follow these steps:

Step1: Type URL onto your PC provided by the support team

Step2: In the login screen and type your user name and password
No, you have to pay a subscription based on your home country. Please contact the support team or leave a message in suggestion or complaint section in settings to know more.
The Dashboard is the very first thing that you see and use to navigate to the place where you will get a snap shot of all your workforce or fleet, you can then click on various options and use it for your benefit.
- You can see all the active users/peoples that are in your contact list

- It allows you to analyze the report of the workforce

You can also see the following information:

Average Stop Time:
It displays the average time in which the location of user/workforce remained idle.

Avg. Signal Lost Time:
It describes the time duration in which the GPS signals of the mobile phone was turned off/was lost.

Average Distance travelled:
The average time spent in travelling and to evaluate the cost and evaluating the effectiveness of the workforce/fleet/cars, which helps in calculating the yield ratio.

Average travelled time
It helps you to evaluate the actual time, which was spent on travelling. So as to evaluate the real work time and the yield ratio, thus helps in effective management decisions.

Total User:
This will show you the percentage of users in your contacts, which are online, or offline.
This icon helps you to save the chart currently in use into JPEG or PNG format.
This option enables you to see all the location related information in one single page of those you are tracking, either personal through device, vehicle through device or friends or colleagues whom you are tracking through Mobile App.
Tracking me option on the left hand side of the home page, gives you details of all the people with their numbers who are tracking you with the tracking option details. (Full time, time specific, zones etc.)
This option enables you to locate the devices you are connected with on a single page. Also, you can add devices and link them to your valuable assets and stay connected all the time.
Step1: Click on the 'device' icon on the left hand side of your homepage

Step 2: Click on 'add new device' option on the right corner above the map

Step3: In the pop up screen, add device ID and device name

Step4: Click 'add device' in the pop up icon
It enables you to customize the area you are looking up from zero to 80km on map. (Scroll the button below the radar map to customize your selected periphery).

It will show you the people in your selected periphery with name, photo and distance from you.
It enables you to access free worldwide real time messaging and send / receive photos, photo with location, tracking request etc. just as we do on our mobile handset.

It is a mobile replica integrated in the web version. Here you can see all the contacts that are online and can chat with them just as in the mobile app.
It gives you information about your current status. You can also change your status by clicking on the 'edit' icon before the status. It also gives you information about the devices and zones created by you.
Click on the 'bell' icon at the top-right corner of the screen and you will get all the notifications.
It shows the number of unread chat and request messages by you. As soon as you click the icon, the member field on the bottom left corner will pop up and you can check all the messages that are unread.
It shows the track me requests sent to you. If the request is activethen you can see the current location of the people who sent it.
Step 1: Click 'report analysis' bar on the top-left corner beside home.

Step2: Click 'new data sheet' the third option on the left corner.

Step3: Click on'upload new' in the popup screen.

Step4: Upload the desired excel sheet to see your data on map with real time locations.

Step5: Follow the user-friendly instructions and get the desired report.
Click on your 'name' on the top right corner
Click on 'logout' on the pop up screen.
You are out of the web page.
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