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Letstrack with IRNSS touches the lives of Common People


In the fast-paced life, looking after things at low pace seems impossible. People travelling for work, children to school, business owners relying on fleets to get products delivered and what not; everyone is engaged in doing something. Together as a family, we do care about other members of our family but in the busy day to day life, we miss on many important things. And that’s the SAFETY of our loved ones. 

We all are aware of GPS, what it does, how it works, but what many Indians still do not know is that now our country has its made-in-India GPS. Built at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) is a set of satellites which together provides real-time positioning parallel to GPS. This innovative system is designed in a way that its positioning accuracy is better than 20 meters. Also, it will be able to cover approx. 1500 kilo-meters area around the country. For this, its system utilises seven spacecrafts and a highly specialised network of ground systems.

With the arrival of this cutting edge satellite technology, India and its people can see an enormous change within people's lives and the country as a whole. Progressively, this system is being integrated into all the devices which require navigational services. Following a similar route, Letstrack has coalesced with IRNSS AIS 140 to come out as a double smart personal and vehicle tracking solution.

Strengthening the safety as aforementioned, with Letstrack, those occupied in their fast-paced lives can now figure out a most reliable way to ensure wherever their loved ones are, they are safe. And in fact, those in logistic business can know each move made by their fleets and know what their drivers are up to.

It’s an unusual amalgamation of two best of best services, meaning IRNSS navigational intelligence and Letstrack’s remarkable versatility. Coming together the two can turn around both the living standards and safety aspects of the people. Because when it comes to the safety of our beloved one, every bit of invention is important.


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