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Letstrack is expanding its services to Udaipur, Rajasthan with its government approved ARAI certified AIS 140 devices. Letstrack is a customer-oriented multinational company and its customer support team goes all the way to offer the best services in the market. The organization is true innovator offering smartest of the safety integrated solutions with inbuilt intelligent technology and interactive programming for smartphones, tracking device & browsers.

Safety should never be ignored in your daily life. With this prime belief, Letstrack has been keen to provide powerful and intuitive smartphone apps and web platform software. We are more in need of the security, safety and productivity benefits we offer now more than ever.

In present, Letstrack is the best GPS & mobile tracking system provider company around the world and offers APP-to-APP & APP-to-WEB mobility solutions and platforms powered by the Internet of Things. The propriety, cross-platform app uses GPS and the Internet to track & send user locations, alerts, images & videos. Letstrack’s advance technology applies the use of primary benefits to power a diverse portfolio of corresponding application.

With its advanced software, Letstrack GPS devices are equipped with a number of features like zone alert, towed alert, speed alert, AC on/off, remote immobilization etc. The best one is alert me, this helps you track the movement of your vehicle on a specific journey. Whenever the vehicle stopped for more than 5 minutes during a journey then this feature is switched on automatically. The alerts can be dismissed or snoozed via the app. This is a unique feature when you are relying on other people to transport family members.

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Device Tracking

Whether, you’re concerned for a loved one, a mischievous pet, a vulnerable family member or even a valuable asset you can track them all with Letstrack! This GPS tracking system enables you to track your vehicles in real-time 24x7. The separate devices are small & discreet and are easily fitted to the OBD port of your vehicle, worn on a child’s wrist or even on a pet’s collar! The Letstrack FREE app lets you track infinite devices & individuals on just one screen! Track them all!