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Find everything that matters to you with Letstrack TAG. Our Bluetooth devices and handy app make everything easier to find. Letstrack TAG helps you locate everyday essentials during your daily routine, removing little inconveniences, and helping you stay organized so you can focus on what matters. You can stick or attach to anything from your keys to your wallet, phone, passport, laptop, pets, and more.
During set up, the Letstrack app on your smartphone "discovers" the Bluetooth enabled Letstrack TAG and establishes a connection. Letstrack TAG then uses the location services of your smartphone to communicate up-to-date location information to the app.
  1. Download the Letstrack App on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Register the Letstrack App with your mobile number
  3. Click on ‘ltTAG’ tab at the top of the app home screen
  4. Follow the steps on the screen to add a Letstrack TAG
  5. Attach the TAG to your personal belongings
  6. Add as many tags as you like
You’re all set! You are now ready to use your Letstrack TAG!
Letstrack TAG is a low-powered Bluetooth device. While most airlines permit Bluetooth use, we recommend you consult with the airline's specific policies regarding Bluetooth devices to avoid any complications.
If the airline permits Bluetooth technology, simply switch your device to airplane mode but keep Bluetooth on.
Yes. All Letstrack TAGs have non-rechargeable lithium batteries, similar to those used in wrist watches. You can pack them in both check-in and carry-on luggage. They are not restricted by aviation or transportation authorities. For more information about what you can pack, you can consult applicable airport authority.
Depending on the model, your Letstrack TAG's battery is guaranteed to last at least
 •  Letstrack Mini: 6-8 months
 •  Letstrack TAG: 16-18 months
No, you can replace your Letstrack TAG battery or simply order replacements directly through the Letstrack App.
If you have a Letstrack TAG with a replaceable battery you can switch it out on your own. Follow the instructions below and change the battery:

Letstrack TAG is a perfect fit for in the home or property, but is not a GPS tracker, so it is not designed to track real-time movements. Because Letstrack TAG uses Bluetooth, you might have trouble finding your pet outside of a 260 ft. range.
Hang or attach a Letstrack TAG onto your pet’s collar and use the Letstrack app to find them faster when they are within the TAG’s range.
Be cautious, Letstrack TAG may be choking hazards and should not be used on chew toys or related items to avoid any problem to your pet.
Follow the steps to take selfie:
 1.  Open Letstrack App
 2.  Click on the installed ltTAG device tab
 3.  Click on “Take Selfie”
 4.  Position your phone then Click the button on the TAG to take the photo.
Follow the steps to find your things:
 1. Open Letstrack App
 2. Click on the ltTAG device tab and select the correct TAG
 3. Click on “Play sound” button to ring your device
Please note: You can find the device only when it is connected to the you phone via Bluetooth
Your phone can be found simply by holding the button on the device for 3 seconds. Doing this will make your phone play an alert sound which can can set whatever you like.
Please note, You can find your phone only when it is connected with the device via Bluetooth
You can view our full Privacy Policy at Privacy Policy
There are 2 models available. Letstrack TAG and Letstrack TAG mini.
Letstrack uses a default ringtone for Letstrack TAG device to find device easily. You can change the ringtone in your phone settings
 •  Your Phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
 •  Your Location settings are turned on correctly.
 •  Your device's software is up to date. This will ensure your device has the latest Bluetooth support.
 •  You have the latest version of the Letstrack app. These updates often contain stability issue corrections and enhancements that resolve a majority of reported issues.
Don’t worry, if you forget something, our Letstrack community of more than 650000 users will help you. Once you mark your device as lost, it gets registered with our network and whenever a Letstrack user is in the vicinity, the device gets connected to the available Bluetooth and sends the location to you. The app notifies you instantly with your item’s current location.
Letstrack is the World’s First security brand which supports voice control. The Letstrack app is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. Simply ask Google to ring your TAG, it will follow the instructions and you will be able to hear your TAG ringing.
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