Mission $5 Tn: Budget 2020

Mission $5 Tn: Budget 2020

Just like every year, this time as well the government is crafting a Budget. This time around though, the aim is to achieve 5 trillion-dollar economy.

The current Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman will be presenting the Union budget for the financial year 2020-21 in Parliament on February 1. The government has begun its work taking strides towards the $5 Tn economy; however, we yet don’t know what exactly would be in the basket of the 2020 budget.

To know more about this, we got a byte from the CEO and Head Coach of Letstrack. We asked him to shed some light on how the budget and plan might shape up like, for a more objective point of view:

“The government must help the startups to grow through the implementation of tax benefit to angle investors for investing in the startups and to reduce the GST for the entrepreneurs who are new in the markets. We need more policies favouring local businesses. The government needs to focus on development for technologies like AI, Data Analytics, Machine Learning etc. Adoption of technology is a must across both private and public sector companies and especially in sectors like Transportation. The government needs to emphasize more on the personal security of the individuals and their data. More budget needs to be allocated to the companies or manufacturers providing security products. The government in Budget 2020 should focus more on Smart Cities and Digital India initiative in order to shape the IT infrastructure and increase the adoption of technology. Lastly, we expect the policies to be implemented for higher use of technology in order to make systems efficient and transparent.”


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