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Need for AIS-140 GPS Devices


The intelligent transport system (ITS) is a much-needed requirement of the world of vehicles. Vehicles out and about are expanding very quickly and in this way, there is a need for government rules which indicate the crisis and security gauges that should be suggested in all sorts of open transport frameworks. This makes all kinds of rail, road, air and water transportation modules to be fitted with Letstrack AIS-140 GPS devices. The intelligent transport system has become an application that will be used for sensing, controlling all kinds of transportation in order to improve the safety, mobility and efficiency of the entire system.

  • The Emergency button:

The Letstrack AIS 140 focuses on the use of emergency button that when there is an emergency or incident happens it works faster without wasting the time and action can be taken accordingly, in this passenger’s safety is must and AIS 140 holds the safety as its big USP.

  • The In-vehicle location tracking and recording:

It will help to locate the accurate and actual location of the passenger and accurate location of the vehicle to trace it properly.

AIS-140 GPS Devices are mainly needed for:

  • Inner city public transport systems:

Inward city transport frameworks work inside the city and have fixed the dynamic course but their operation is a short distance, therefore, depending on the number of passengers sitting, the emergency buttons are installed and connected to the control centre.

  • Intercity public transport systems:

These vehicles travel long separation and in the middle of urban areas. Accordingly, the control focus needs to monitor the vehicle through the in-vehicle area following and furthermore utilize the cameras to confirm and check the driver/conductor and traveler conduct as well.

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