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Need Of AIS 140 GPS trackers


The government of India has implemented an Automated Industry System for public transportation in India. AIS 140 is a set of rules published by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) created to generate an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) mainly tailored to gain complete control over public transportation system in India.

All the state governments transport need to implement and follow the standards, equip AIS 140 compliant GPS tracking devices with supporting software application for all passenger-carrying buses, and other public transport vehicles from 1st April 2018.

AIS 140 GPS trackers are important due to two main reasons-

AIS 140 standard of Government of India – If you are living in India and fall under any of transportation category given below you need Letstrack AIS 140 tracking device.

  Schools, Colleges and institutional (incl. corporate) bus operators

  State Transport Undertakings – Inter-city and Intra-city

  Car & Bus Taxi fleet owners /operators including corporate fleets

  Private Bus Operators – Inter and Intra-city

GPS trackers with Extra features- AIS 140 GPS trackers are the tracking that must have a real-time GPS tracking system with the camera surveillance system and emergency alert buttons (panic/SOS buzzer) according to the government of India. Except for these features AIS 140 tracking devices also have all the features of normal GPS trackers such as speed alerts, AC on/off, engine cut, destination guide, zone alert and so on.

Main features of AIS 140 GPS tracker as explained below-

Emergency Request Button

There are multifarious examples of emergency vehicles getting stuck in traffic, and costing lives as a result. In order to get these vehicles to their desired destination, an emergency button can be used to contact the control room/office which can coordinate with the traffic management to help the vehicle avoid congested routes. Besides this, misuse of emergency service vehicles can be prevented. Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is also very helpful to conduction & service management of the total system. This system makes a simple bridge connection between vehicle and service station.

Route Analysis and Management

It’s very important to maintain the schedule of vehicles. Letstrack AIS-140 GPS tracking system is very useful for the choosing optimal route on the basis of various factors such as distance, red lights, accidents, traffic and so on.  This is done to ensure that the shortest and less fuel path for the vehicle. It designs by maintaining proper way to help the vehicle to conduct an appropriate way.


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