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Letstrack Safe is an additional feature provided by Letstrack wherein you can share your ride details with the people of your choice by just scanning the QR code and there you will have all the details of the car and the driver on your Screen.

Protect your employees anytime.. anywhere

Why LT Safe?

Letstrack safe helps you track your employees in real time thus prevents travel related disputes and also ensures punctuality of employees. The details can be further shared with n number ofpeople including family members of employees.

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SOS alarm

In times of emergency, it is quick and easy to reach out for help through SOS alarm

Real time tracking

Track their location in real time if they are home safe and sound

Trip details

Get all the vital detailed trip details on one screen through a single tap

Value screen

With a just single click, you can evaluate the driver’s and car driving details

Share ride

Through this feature, you have the ease of sharing with people not using our APP as well. Intelligence at its best?

Zone alerts

Create unlimited zones for multiple teams and get instant zone alerts on the entry and exit


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How it works
  • Turn On your Mobile GPS option in Settings.
  • Scan the QR code of vehicle
  • Get instant driver and vehicle information.
  • Share your journey with unlimited people
  • Monitor the Real time location and current Speed of the vehicle
  • Click on the Panic button to send an emergency alert to people viewing your ride
  • Exit the vehicle to end the trip

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