Securing the future of democracy! Tracking the elections, quite literally

Securing the future of democracy! Tracking the elections, quite literally

Legislative Assembly elections will be held in Delhi on 8 February 2020 to elect 70 members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. Being around the corner, the heat is on. The Govt and the authorities are taking all the precautions that they can to ensure that the elections happen without any foul play. But as always, there’s a lot of question around the security of EVMs, especially given the past track records of what goes on in our nation. There have been times when workers of political parties have been reported to be guarding the EVMs to ensure they are not tampered with. However, thanks to technology, all of this may not be necessary. 

To eradicate any scope of tampering, the ECI has instructed vehicles transporting EVMs and VVPATs to be mandatorily equipped with IoT devices that have a GPS chip for location tracking. These vehicles will be then monitored from control rooms that have been set up. This way the vehicles transporting EVM machines can easily be pinpointed, and in-case of any anomalies in their route or stops countermeasures can be taken in time. Further, the speed of the vehicle is also used as an indicator for whether it’s under duress from external elements, or engine troubles.

Last year Letstrack kept a check on approximately 25,000 vehicles carrying EVMs and ensured that the election process went by smoothly and uneventfully. The main reason behind the integration of GPS tracking solutions in the EVM carrying trucks are to reduce the number of polling stations under shadow zones. Hacking of vehicles would not be possible as these machines can’t be tampered using Bluetooth etc. The data collected would be stored internally and can’t be transferred to any other device.

The intermediation of a tech company led to smooth EVM transfers without any cases of hostility or tampering in those 25,000 vehicles. This goes to show just how much good the right kind of tech can bring about in our society and how it can affect a nation. Tech companies like Letstrack should be brought on-board to provide solutions that could lead to proper governance of elections, and any other sphere of running the nation. These advancements which are already making countless people, families and assets safe are sure to help the nation as a whole and help in running it better.

So, this time let’s see what methods the Govt. comes up with to address this situation. It would be particularly interesting in seeing how good it is implemented as well. For a seasoned professional like Letstrack it’s fairly easy to undertake a task of such magnitude. As the date’s not far away it’s not going to be a long wait to see what the outcome will be.


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