FAQ's - Breakdown Assistance Cover - Two Wheeler


Breakdown Assistance Cover is a service provided by Letstrack which assists you in situations where you need help on the road with your vehicle. The service offers many benefits from getting your vehicle fixed on the spot to towing or taxi service to help you reach your destination.
Yes, valid BAC benefits shall be applicable to all vehicles enrolled under Letstrack BAC cover and immobilization reasons including cases where immobilization may be caused by accidents or due to driver’s error.
We provide Breakdown Assistance Cover to any person who is driving the car, as long as the car is covered. There may be an authorization request call for service to the owner for confirmation in case help is requested by another member.
Cooling Period means that the Entitlements are available after 15 days, all the benefits under the breakdown assistance cover program became available 15 calendar days after from the activation date of the program.
BAC will be provided only for motorbikes which are covered under Letstrack program & data for which is already available with Letstrack and the covered vehicle shall be immobilized i.e. not driven by its own power and not at any vehicle repair workshop for more refer the general inclusions / policy wordings.
The covered vehicle shall be towed to customer’s preferred workshop which shall be not more than 25 Kms from the breakdown spot. Letstrack would suggest respective brands workshop, if customer is unaware of the workshops in and around the breakdown spot. If customer wishes to tow the vehicle beyond 25 Kms the same shall be done post receipt of fees i.e. INR 35 per additional km from the customer through online payment gateways.
Letstrack shall take full responsibility of any act, action and outcome of any service delivered by self or its authorized vendors. Letstrack shall have adequate processes in place to work on cases which may be brought to our notice by the customer within 24 hours of the rendered services.
As no unauthorized repairs are done and vehicle is towed to nearest authorized service station in case of a major breakdown, Breakdown Assistance Cover does not affect vehicle warranty.
Each membership is for a particular vehicle. You can buy memberships for different vehicles but you cannot use coverage benefits for one vehicle on another.
In case of emergency, you can call our helpline and identify yourself for immediate help.
As per your plan, you can avail coverage up to a radius of 25 km from the centre of city or PAN India.
You do not have to pay for the service, however in case of consumables that may be required to get your vehicle mobilized, you have to pay for the same.
Breakdown Assistance Cover rescues you from minor and major mishaps that can happen anytime to anyone. Even when you have a good reliable vehicle, flat tyres, accidents or poor fuel can take you by surprise.
While we strive to reach you as early as possible, actual time may vary depending on location of the vehicle. In most cases within the city, help is at hand in maximum 60 minutes.
Yes, Breakdown Assistance Cover is available for all vehicles for personal use up to 5 years of the vehicle's age.
Yes, vehicles more than 5 years old are not eligible for Breakdown Assistance Cover.
Under the Standard Plan, you can avail the service 3 times a year.
Breakdown Assistance Cover is available in over 1050 cities in India.
You can call our Breakdown Assistance Helpdesk at 78 0000 6878
The coverage begins after 15 days from the time of enrolment. The coverage is for a period of 1 year or 2 year as per the subscription you subscribed after which you can renew the plan at www.letstrack.in/bac or from your Letstrack mobile app or you can call to BAC assistance number 78 0000 6878
No, the membership cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another during the duration of the membership. In case you sell your car, the new owner can avail the service until the expiration of the membership.
Yes, customer without having Letstrack BAC subscription can also use BAC service by contacting Letstrack BAC customer care 78 0000 6878 or through Letstrack mobile app on chargeable basis. In that case Letstrack will charge the customer for required service i.e towing, basic repairing at site, battery jump start, key issues, fuel issues etc.
No questions asked cancellation period is Seven (15) days from the activation date of the program.
BAC is established to help in event that leads to stoppage / immobilization of your vehicle. As a result, this program will not cover any of the following events that you may encounter while driving your vehicle
•  Faulty fuel gauge
•  Speedometer not working
•  Horn is not functioning. If the horn is sounding continuously, the Assistance Services will be provided
•  When the rear view mirror is damaged but it does not obstruct the driver's vision
•  Damaged or faulty fuel cap but vehicle has not run out of petrol and there is enough fuel in the tank to enable the vehicle to reach the nearest authorized dealer
•  Other non-safety related lights/service warnings are illuminated
•  Vehicle pick-up and drop for routine maintenance is not included
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