For the smooth working of our day to day lives, we are dependent upon many gadgets. While all are important in their own way, yet those which become an integral part of our lives are the best ones. Like those gadgets which solve our stress within seconds and help manage our anxiety. 

For instance, misplacing our everyday valuables becomes very stressful because it stops all our workings. Losing them causes anxiety especially when they are needed the most. Like when you cannot find your car keys and are getting late for an important meeting... or when your playful cat is hiding longer than usual, and now you are more worried than in a mood to play. Here, the Bluetooth tracker solves your problem and resumes the day’s smooth working.

What is a Bluetooth Tracker

A Bluetooth tracker is a limited-range device to find your valuables. They work best with your everyday life's valuables like phone, keys, wallet, remote, earphones, headphones, phone charger, laptop, laptop bag, handbag, backpack, water bottle, umbrella, luggage, your favorite book, your favorite gymming bottle, your kid’s favorite toy or even stationery, their school bag or important dairy so that they do not skip anything important at school, or any belonging that holds importance for you. 

The physical components of a tracker are:


The chip is the brain of tracking operations and shares the location information. It also enables advanced settings such as individual tracking features, selective ringtones and so on possible. 


The antenna of a tracking device allows a  wide range. It maintains the best possible and farthest reach between the finder and mobile application.  

Battery; Is the Device Battery Intensive?

Every Bluetooth tracking device has an internal source of power, a battery. This has to be replaced after a few months. 

The connection between the phone and the device is built using “Bluetooth Low Energy”. Thus the device uses only a negligible amount of battery.  Also your phone battery is merely affected.

How Does it Work?


Each Bluetooth tracker has a unique signature. To activate, this signature is connected to the owner's mobile phone application. This is how searching gets personalised. 

While searching, the Bluetooth device attached to your lost belonging transmits the location data to the connected mobile phone. Since the tracker is connected only to the owner's mobile, the device cannot be tracked or located by any other app. 

Raises Alert Before You Lose Your Belongings

A Bluetooth tracker raises an alarm as soon as it goes beyond your range.  For instance, Letstrack TAGraises a separation alert, in case you forget your valuables behind. So it finds your valuables way ahead in time. 

Does the Tracker Work When it Goes Out of Range?

The range of a Bluetooth tracker covers most of your workplace or your home. It also has a solution when it goes out of range. In fact, an imminent product like Letstrack TAGhas an extensive infrastructure of  “Lost and Found Community” to solve this issue. 

Once lost, the tagged belonging has to be marked on the Letstrack mobile application. Then the tracker anonymously employs the workforce of 5 lakh and growing community finders. These community members are in fact active users of Letstrack app. The found location is shown in your application wallet. Thus your valuable is tracked in no time! 

What Happens When Your Phone is Lost?

In case your phone is untraceable, even then all will be found. Just press the button on the Letstrack TAGand your phone will ring to its search tune, even if it is on silent mode. 

Above all, brands like Letstrack TAGhave exceptionally efficient features to make your finding experience really smooth. Being a featherlight and sleekest finder, it can easily be attached to your delicate pet and they won't even feel its presence. Attaching it to your bag only makes it look like an added accessory.  It has upgrades which let you take candid selfies and so on. Above all, since the tracker instantly finds your valuables, it becomes your most convenient personal assistant. 



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