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Who needs AIS-140 GPS Devices?


The Government of India has designed an Intelligent Transport System under the Automotive Industry Standard- 140 (AIS 140). It is a much-needed reform in the automotive industry as the number of vehicles is increasing on a daily basis and therefore a regulation was needed to specify the emergency and safety standards that can be implemented across the entire transport system to improve efficiency, quality, comfort and safety. 

Essentially, an AIS-140 GPS device would have two features. First, is an emergency SOS button and the second is real-time location tracking. The AIS-140 GPS devices are required for the following vehicles - 

Inner Public Transport

The public transport that operates within the city limits, mostly have fixed routes and their operations are shorter relative to the interstate transportation system, hence to ensure that the driver sticks to the fixed route a GPS device is required. Additionally, an emergency button needs to be installed and connected to the control centre.

Intercity Public Transports

These vehicles undertake long-distance travels between cities. It is hence very crucial for the control room to keep track of such vehicles as the chances of losing track of them is higher relative to inner city vehicles, besides a GPS device can be handy in order to keep a track of the driver's behaviour.

Emergency Service Vehicles 

There are numerous instances of emergency vehicles getting stuck in traffic, and costing lives as a result. In order to get these vehicles to their destination, an emergency button can be used to contact the control centre which can work with the traffic management to help the vehicle avoid congested routes. Besides this, a GPS device prevents the misuse of such vehicles.

Commercial vehicles

Commerical vehicles are crucial to a business wanting to maximize their profits by operating efficiently and cutting on costs. An AIS-140 GPS device hence is a perfect fit in such a situation. 


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