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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could speak to your car and to get the status or information about anything? While we may not be able to have a meaningful conversation with our car just yet, it’s now a possibility to talk to your car and request for desired information. We are here giving a short introduction to how this can be accomplished using the Letstrack AI system. With the help of Google Assistant, it will be like an active voice software for your car and thus the requests you give your vehicle once executed the request can feel like you are in Knight Rider.

It has registered itself as the World's First Voice Integrated Vehicle Security Company that will help you know the status of your vehicle and know about their accurate location. With Google Assistant you can now easily track your vehicle and the people sitting in that particular vehicle. Apart from this, it will be easy to know about the accurate status of the system working in your car like ignition, air condition if it’s properly working or it is on/off.

Sitting wherever it will be easily accessible for you to know about your car’s speed limit and you can very easily control it and also it sets your engine off or on according to the requirement. Not only this, Letstrack AI with Google assistant has made easy for one person to know the correct time of reaching the destination. Earlier we use to search anything on Google by typing but now it’s easy to just speak and instruct the vehicle and it will work according to your wish.

Letstrack is a successful Real-Time GPS Tracking & Messaging app to track your loved ones. You can track your loved ones and automobiles like cars, bike, and van with a voice integrated GPS tracking solution. By using this new innovation you will get a lot of amazing experiences that you always thought of having associated with your vehicle. 

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